Enterprise Architecture for Successful Digital Transformation in the Retail industry

The retail industry experienced major changes over the past few years, mostly due to the changing ways consumers make purchases. For example, the e-commerce grocery industry alone accelerated by three to five years in just a matter of months in early 2020. 

Digital technology is now a vital part of the retail market. Innovation in product offerings, customer service, and payment systems is booming, and businesses have to move fast to keep up. Nowadays,  51% of revenue comes from online sales. Using transformation trends to your advantage is a key part of staying agile and continuously meeting customer demands. 

So, there’s plenty of change, but what does that mean for you? Your goals should be:

  • Remaining relevant to your customers
  • Making the best of innovation
  • Maximizing efficiency within your processes

How should you react to those changes, or do things differently in relation to your company goals? We have identified 3 main trends to make the best use of your digital tools:

Digital transformation is essential

Achieve higher levels of speed and accuracy in fulfillment through real-time visibility of stock across all channels.

Embrace and manage your (new) technology

Continuously implementing and improving strategic business disciplines to maximize production efficiency and optimize costs.

Selling online is a must

Icon Hybrid UX

Capitalize on trends in consumer behavior; value-driven and ‘touchless’ consumer purchasing behavior is at a turning point.

The SaaS platform that brings business, IT and data together

Our platform BlueDolphin empowers CxOs and Enterprise Architects to plan, collaborate, and manage business transformation. Map your current state, identify the steps needed to reach your objectives, and manage the business to the future state.


Changing demand, changing service

Changing customer expectations will remain to be the single most important business driver. To be able to quickly adapt and minimize repetitive work, you need a comprehensive overview of the tools, applications, and processes already in place. Gathering this data and making it accessible for internal digitalization analyses is often the hardest part.

Using a collaborative Enterprise Architecture platform as a single source of truth allows participants to work cooperatively and extend existing business capabilities, support new business models, offer new products and services, and ultimately satisfy evolving customer needs – and do so in alignment with organization-wide objectives.

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Who are we?

ValueBlue is the company behind BlueDolphin, the Agile Business Transformation platform that empowers organizations to plan, design, and manage every step of their business-wide digital transformation. Our collaborative solution brings Enterprise Architecture, IT, and the business together, based on actual data insights.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2011, we have since opened offices in New York, London, and Hong Kong. ValueBlue accelerates Agile Business Transformation for CIOs and Enterprise Architects across the globe – with 170+ customers such as AS Watson, Kramp, Wakefern, and Rituals across APAC, EMEA, and the Americas.

BlueDolphin Colloborative Enterprise Architecture software

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