Enterprise Architecture with BlueDolphin

Plan, monitor and implement effective Enterprise Architecture — and steer your organization’s digital transformation.

BlueDolphin Colloborative Enterprise Architecture software

Experience more agile Enterprise Architecture (EA) — based on foolproof data and real insights

Automatically mapped insights
with customizable reports and visualizations that align strategy with operations

Stronger strategic decision making
thanks to integrated information from across the organization

Mitigate risk as your enterprise transforms
define impact scenarios, resolve weaknesses and sustain data quality

Enterprise Architecture plays a key role in digital transformation, and agility is no longer a choice.

Harnessing data and implementing a flexible IT landscape that supports continuous innovation and facilitates safety and security should be every Enterprise Architect’s key priority.

BlueDolphin enables Enterprise Architecture teams to plan, assess, and build


  • Define business goals & strategy
    Support enterprise decision-making with contextual visualizations, reports and impact analysis
  • Outline architectural baselines
    Achieve effective governance using frameworks and workflows
  • Map business capabilities
    Link goals & capabilities for a clear overview of interdependencies


  • Create a current state repository
    Collaborate with multiple stakeholders in one central repository
  • Guarantee accurate, high quality data
    Integrate information from every relevant source within the organization
  • Identify and prioritize projects
    Determine business cases, risks and priorities
  • Create project designs
    Provide guidance and reduce risk for functional project owners


  • Executive effective projects
    Leverage existing data and keep projects to defined guidelines
  • Gain control over architectural portfolios
    Manage IT portfolios to eliminate overlap and decrease complexity
  • Monitor transformation progress
    Visualize and share project progress and transformation developments

From direct insight into your current state, to easy visualization of your future state

Save time with fast and easy data gathering

With BlueDolphin’s Enterprise Architecture solution, your organization’s situation is perfectly mapped, almost automatically.

Model with speed and consistency using ArchiMate®

Use BlueDolphin’s fast and intuitive ArchiMate® modelling to create, share and publish models easily.

Support strategic decision-making

Use BlueDolphin’s powerful and customizable visualizations and reports to give stakeholders the relevant and accurate data they need.

Go beyond Enterprise Architecture

Collaborate with management, process owners, functional managers and other architects in BlueDolphin’s smart and user-friendly central repository.

Enterprise Architecture with BlueDolphin gives you

How is BlueDolphin by ValueBlue different?

Strategic organizational changes require collaboration — both within IT and across the business. That’s why the centralized collaboration features and wide range of modeling techniques offered by BlueDolphin help Enterprise Architects make every transformation a success.

Instead of taking ‘architecture for architects’ as a starting point, we focus on the entire organization. ValueBlue’s ‘can-do’ and ‘think yes’ mentality offers you pragmatic and solution-oriented approach. We guide our customers — both practically and strategically — from vision to realization of your ideal Enterprise Architecture design.

Discover the pillars of Agile Business Transformation

Application Portfolio Management

Reduce the complexity of your application landscape and minimize overlaps by mapping application capability, functionality and attributes to process requirements.

Business Process Management

Map relationships between processes, applications and infrastructure so you can understand how processes impact on strategic objectives, and implement improvements.

Data Management

Achieve business continuity and accurate insights by creating, storing and using your data all in one place—simplifying the data landscape and optimizing its quality.

Project and Portfolio Architecture

Define scenarios and plans based on organizational objectives and identify the most efficient and effective way to deliver prioritized programs.

Dig a little deeper with the BlueDolphin brochure

Get a closer look at how the BlueDolphin platform facilitates more collaborative, effective and agile Enterprise Architecture functions for organizations across the globe.

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