Meet Rob Korving

I got married, nine or ten years ago…

Let’s see… I’m 45. Nowadays I have to think about it, an age thing… I’m married, and we have a seven year old son. I’ve been married for nine or ten years, which might need an explanation. My wife is Vietnamese. Ten years ago we got married in Vietnam, in front of her family. That was just a party and not officially. In Vietnam people don’t care much about the official papers, you have to get those yourself the next morning at their Civil Registry Office. We didn’t do that. Instead, we decided to marry again in the Netherlands exactly one year later on the same day. Purposely on the same day of course, so I only have to remember 1 date…


But I eat Vietnamese almost every day

Being married to a Vietnamese woman, you’d expect it’s also my favorite food, however I prefer Thai. The kitchens are much alike. My preference has nothing to do with the fact that Thai is more spicy, but it’s a bit more refined and it has more Asian influences. So if I get to choose, I’d go for Thai. Nevertheless, I eat Vietnamese almost every day… My wife also cooks Dutch Cuisine. Don’t expect her to cook our world famous split pea soup, but fried potatoes she likes. Sometimes we eat macaroni, but to call that Dutch Cuisine…

“Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool”

Who or what am I most proud of? My son. He’s cute and smart. I see a lot of me in him, too much… Of course you see your own positive qualities, but also the lesser things.

I don’t really have a motto or interesting quote, the only thing I can think of is: “Don’t underestimate the ingenuity of a complete fool” (Douglas Adams, writer).  Whenever you think: ‘this is completely foolproof, no one can screw this up’, then the first person that comes by does it completely differently. Of course I don’t mean that everyone who does it differently than me is a complete fool, but this phenomenon surprises me every time.

In 2013 my former employer KPN was going through a huge reorganization. At the same moment I was approached on LinkedIn by Leen (former employee of ValueBlue) whether I’d be interested in an interview at ValueBlue. After a couple of meetings I started working here. I’ve been working at ValueBlue for 6 years now and still loving it. The dynamics in this company is very appealing to me and the product is booming, we’re growing fast.

Broaden your horizon

I noticed I became a specialist in monitoring, but I had much more potential. Often people don’t see your potential, because they don’t look beyond your resume. Here they do! I got the opportunity to move from monitoring to architecture and gain experience in another field of expertise, while my knowledge and experience are still very relevant and useful.