Meet Rob Heskes

A fool with a tool is still a fool! 

I’m Rob Heskes, 57 years’ old. I’m married to Maud and we’ve been together for 33 years. We have 2 children, Cas who’s 23 and Yrsa who’s 18. Maud is team coordinator of a management team, Cas works in youth services and Yrsa is training to become an equestrian manager. We’ve got two Lusitano horses; a mare named Hope and her daughter Ora, who just turned two.

I spend lots of time with the horses in my spare time. We live in Apeldoorn on the Veluwe, almost on the edge of the forest and we spend a lot of time in nature. You’ll often find me there together with our border collie, Sam. My wife and kids are the people for whom I’ll do anything. 

Proud? Of my kids, of course; my son who works as a freelancer in healthcare and my daughter who does a fantastic job training horses. It’s her dream to end up doing this professionally. And I’m also proud of ValueBlue. It’s great to see how we manage to convince our customers of the benefits of using BlueDolphin. 

I’ve got real faith in this product 

My motto: A fool with a tool is still a fool. It’s great to have a good tool, but learning to work with it (together!) is what makes working with it so successful. With clients I often use the maxim when making an architectural visualization: “What story do you want to tell?”. For example, to explain the need for an automation to a manager, you create a different picture than the picture for a technical application manager in order to do that, which contains lots more detail. 

In 5 years’ time, I see ValueBlue as the top player in the field of Enterprise Architecture tools. I really believe in this product. Not only because I use it as a consultant, but especially because I see it working in practice.  

BlueDolphin is a really fantastic tool; make visualizations on the same subject in different phases. The first stage is decision making. An issue is identified or a need for an innovation. This will require a change and an investment. We start here with a visualization of the issue for management. When the management is convinced of the need for the improvement to be implemented and commits itself to financing, the next phase begins: working out the change, usually by making a picture of the current situation and the desired situation i.e. where we are now and where we want to be? That picture acts as input for discussions with stakeholders. If they agree, the pictures are used again in the realization phase. This way you can see that BlueDolphin plays a different role in each phase. It’s fantastic. 

If you touched the computer, it exploded! 

 The thing I like about this work is helping organizations to learn working under architecture. For some clients we teach architects to work with a new tool, but for many organizations it’s about collaboration. That’s precisely the strength of BlueDolphin: information managers, functional administrators, technical administrators together make solutions work. BlueDolphin supports this collaboration. My work then as an architect is not only about theory, Archimate, BPMN, but it’s also about a cultural change. This way all skills come in handy again. 

Speaking of skills, that’s kind of a special story. I first took an MTS electronics course. After that I took a higher professional education course in Social Work and ended up in healthcare in the mid-eighties. I worked at Korrelatie, an institute for telephonic aid. At that time there was hardly any automation. All you had was just one PC for the secretary. Nobody was allowed to touch it, because if you did it wrong, it would explode 😊. 

I got the opportunity to grow. 

The PC already included a hard disk of 10MB (!), which was quite something then! And it was there that I started with automation. By the time I left there I had automated everything and meanwhile had done all kinds of IT and information courses. It was through a small company where I worked as a line manager and project manager that I started at Pink Elephant, which later became Getronics and then KPN. I worked there for 14 years in all kinds of roles: ITIL process manager, Operations manager, etc. The last years as an architect in a team with architects. I was ‘on loan’ to the Business Improvement department where we worked on innovation for IT management, business process automation and monitoring. 

I’ve been working at ValueBlue for 5 years now, which in the beginning was a small organization. In the early years I was still busy with assignments related to IT management: improvement processes in IT management organizations, including for a hospital. I started to focus more on the implementation of BlueDolphin, when BlueDolphin got more and more customers. I’ve been able to do that with a number of very appealing customers, often in somewhat more long-term projects and with complex customers. 

ValueBlue has always given me the opportunity of growing further in my role as an architect because of these enjoyable assignments. For several years now I’ve been working as a Business Architect and am extremely busy with the digital transformation of organizations. What’s cool about my work is that I’m able to use both my technical and social skills to help organizations progress.