Meet Pim von Meijenfeldt

My glass is always half full!

My name is Pim von Meijenfeldt. I’m 31 years old and I live in Haarlem with my girlfriend Nadieh (30) and my daughter Scottie, 2. From an early age, I always got to play outside and take part in lots of sports. I started sailing in an Optimist when I was 4 years old, and at home we often had sailing and hockey competitions when I was growing up. Always with my brother, who’s my best bud.

I still like to exercise nowadays . I do a lot of windsurfing and motorcycling and I go to the gym and run to keep fit. Added to that, I love the beach and I also like doing fun things with my family and friends. I have a positive attitude to life. My glass is always half full and I see opportunities or possibilities in everything. But I have other mottos too: ‘’A day without laughter is a day wasted’’ and “When you’re backed against the wall, break the damn thing down”, which to me says that there’s always a way, always a solution.

Who I’m most proud of? My girlfriend. I’ve watched her grow into a wonderful mother and that’s why she’s the most special person in my life. I like to eat healthy, fresh food and Italian cuisine is my favorite. Of course you can also tempt me with Mediterranean or Asian cuisine – but leave out the fish, because I’m allergic to it. Then I always say: There are worse things, and I have plenty of other treats.

An open culture and lots of hard work

I went to high school in Heemstede and ultimately got through Middle and Higher Technical School in Haarlem in 7 years. In my student days I lived in Amsterdam and had a great side job as an executive driver. Thanks to that job, I’ve been to lots of nice places and countries, seen great companies from the inside and met all kinds of interesting people. I got the chance to discuss my studies and business and personal opportunities with successful people and they always gave me excellent tips.

After my studies, I got a job at Snow Software, a Swedish Vendor (Technology Intelligence Platform). Then I worked for several years for ITAM Solution, a Service Provider in the field of IT Asset Management. In my work I came across a lot of tooling and platforms in the market. Which is how I found out about BlueDolphin.

Try things out and see what works

I started as an account manager at ValueBlue on February 1st this year and I really like it here. I was fortunately able to work side-by-side with everyone for the first six weeks, before we had to go behind the screens (corona lockdown). The great thing about ValueBlue is that everyone has the same goal. There’s an open culture here; people work hard but we also enjoy a joke and a bit of fun every now and then. I feel comfortable and can have inspiring conversations with my colleagues.

The company wants to grow and that’s my personal ambition too. The phase we’re now entering as a company is really exciting: lots of possibilities and opportunities as well as trying things out and seeing what works. It’s fantastic to be able to think along with everyone and work on a bright future.

BlueDolphin is a mega-cool solution that companies can use to achieve excellent results. I’m sure that in many companies it’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it’s becoming increasingly clear what the potential of the data and information on the platform can be. It’s also great to sit down with companies to look at new insights with BlueDolphin and a faster and more efficient digital transformation.