Meet Peter van der Leij

Why am I not able to fix my cello
with something called sellotape?

I’m Peter and I have the privilege to write the content here at ValueBlue. I’ve only been here for half a year but I immediately felt like one of the guys. From day one they made me feel like I belong here. They accept my expertise and appreciate my ideas. That feels good I can tell you.

I’m full of ideas, some crazy. This has to do with the fact that I’m constantly searching in being unique, different, both in my professional and private life. If you want to be noticed, especially online, your content has to be unique, it has to stick and say just a bit more than the usual overkill of information on the web. I was already writing as a child. At the age of four I had written my own lyrics to a song from a famous Dutch comedian. At junior high I created plays, poetry and songs. This fell a bit to the background during high school.

The last official Dutch copywriter

After high school I started doing social studies in Amersfoort. My parents thought it suited me very much. I had no idea what I wanted when I was 17, so I just listened. During these studies I was more occupied with writing one-liners and plays for an open podium I hosted, than studying. So after two years I quit that college.

Quite by accident I stumbled upon my second studies. My girlfriend was looking for a college at an event and I found out there was a study called copywriting. I registered immediately and completed every course with great pleasure. Just after I graduated, this type of education got canceled and is now called communication, so I am proud to say that I am the last official graduated copywriter in the Netherlands.

What I’m also proud of is where I am now. I do the things I’m good at and I wánt to do the things I do. As an independent copywriter it was hard work to get to where I am now. I’ve written comedy for TV, created slogans for different companies, written books, wrote lots of websites and even tried comedy on stage for a while.

If you start something new, think big

Working at ValueBlue felt like the next logical step for me. And I’m really liking it here so far. They’re a fine group of people, and BlueDolphin is a cool product. I was given the challenge to upgrade their current content, to let it grow with the growth of the company. The freedom I get in doing so and the acceptance of my ideas is typical for this company to me. It shows appreciation and aren’t we all looking to be appreciated?

In five years? I hope to be manager of a group of content marketeers at ValueBlue. By then we’ll be a large, internationally operating company with a highly valued product. We’ll still be creating unique content that is widely spread. This sounds ambitious, I know, but when you start something you have to think big. Otherwise, don’t start. Oh, and of course I will then have to go to New York regularly to help my colleagues there…😉