Meet Paolo Mariolu

The fun and sociable atmosphere haven’t been affected by our success

My name is Paolo Mariolu. I’m 42 years old and I’ve been with my girlfriend Jasmine for 9 years. We live together with our 2 children: Seth, 11 (Jasmine’s) and Alyssa, 13 (mine). All of us together make up a fun and sociable family. I was born in Sardinia, Italy, but I grew up in the lovely city of Amsterdam.

I’m a great fan of Bob Marley and I like many of his quotes, but this is the one that always inspires me: Some people are so poor, all they have is money. My favorite food? The food cooked by my mother and Jasmine. Since the start of the corona crisis, my mother has cooked for us almost every day. It’s terrible, isn’t it! She does it so that she can stay in contact with her children and now it has become a habit for her. But I actually like all kinds of food!

I’m very proud of my daughter Alyssa. Her mother and I are divorced. That was a difficult time for her. I immediately applied for co-parenthood so it meant that when Alyssa was staying with me I could play both Dad and Mom, which means: braiding hearts, playing with Barbie dolls, drinking tea, etc., etc. Alyssa is shy by nature and I’m very proud of the way she’s dealt with the whole situation and how open she is with me about her feelings and emotions.

I really think we have something very unique here

I finished secondary school centuries ago and then went on to do a professional degree course (HBO). I didn’t finish it because I had left home at quite a young age – I was just 17 – and I found out that I liked working more than studying. After all kinds of different jobs, through a friend I entered the sales world as Inside Sales at Quest Software, which was taken over by Dell 6 years later. With Quest, I worked in many different types of sales jobs with other American software vendors. Last year, I started looking for a startup/scaleup with growth potential, but then with a great culture and big ambitions and with close cooperation as a top priority. I found out about ValueBlue from a recruiter. After several interviews with Jelle and Wilko, I decided on ValueBlue and I’m 100% sure I made the right choice and feel really at home here.

ValueBlue is a fantastic company with the right level of ambition for me. But the best thing is the way people interact with each other here. There’s fortunately very little politics, you get a chance to share your ideas and everybody wants to achieve the same thing: growth, satisfied customers and a successful company. And we achieve that without affecting the fun and social atmosphere. This is quite unique, because although many companies want a culture like this it often doesn’t go further than a statement from HR to attract talent. But ValueBlue genuinely has that great atmosphere. This is partly due to the management team, who are all ‘normal’ and approachable.

With the right moves we can become the market leader

I’ve always worked on the infrastructure side of the Enterprise software world. So it was quite a switch for me to focus more on architecture, projects, processes and on how IT provides such valuable support. Now that I understand it and have seen the software packages of our competitors I really think we have something unique here and I firmly believe in our mission to change and conquer the Architecture market.

Where do I think the company will be in five years? That’s a good question! In 5 years’ time we’ll be the market leader and we’ll have won over the enterprise market of 25K+ customers. We’ll also be very active in markets such as the US and the UK and we’ll be expanding to the rest of the EMEA. I sincerely believe that we’ll achieve all of that if we keep taking the right steps. The market in which we operate is crying out for modernization and innovation in addition to the existing vendors that have dominated this market for years. By then we may also have expanded our product portfolio with other products or even have made an important acquisition! Who knows!