Meet Martijn Reinking


My name is Martijn Reinking and I’m 24 years old. I live in Utrecht and my girlfriend Judith and I have been together for over five years. I’d describe myself as a quiet and modest person who likes to get things done as part of a team. I have a lot of different interests. I’m also curious and like to try out new things. That’s reflected by the many sports I’m involved in: football, tennis, table-tennis, squash, bouldering, golf and boxing, but also fencing, karate, judo, handball, volleyball, baseball, softball, flag football, rugby, American football, basketball, rowing, swimming and ultimate frisbee. Since I started my traineeship at ValueBlue, I now mainly just have time for jogging and cycling.

The respect you give is the respect you get”

I learned a life lesson from a former football trainer from Nigeria that I always try to follow. He wanted to learn Dutch, so he decided to coach a football team. Because he still hadn’t mastered the language, it wasn’t always easy for him. Close to the end of the football season, he called me over and said to me – in broken Dutch – that he was delighted that I had played in his team that season.

He then said that he had decided not to continue working as a trainer because people often didn’t take him seriously. He explained it to me with the following English quote:  “The respect you give is the respect you get”. This quote has stayed with me over the years. And I try to live my life according to it. I think it’s important to respect other people, and by doing so I hope that I’ll also get respect back from them.

My favorite food? Artichoke pie. My mother always bakes this pie on my birthday or when there’s something important to celebrate. It always tastes delicious and it’s something special, less mainstream than other pies. It’s new for many people, I’d say. I often have to explain what it is. So here it goes, a recipe that always works: artichoke pie is a quiche consisting of a pastry base, goat’s cheese with egg and cream as a filling and then topped with artichoke hearts, tomato and olives. Put it in the oven at 200 degrees for 45 minutes and enjoy! When I was a student I discovered that – unlike the standard meal of meat, vegetables and potatoes – this isn’t a very student-friendly meal for two reasons: the high costs and the specific flavour that not everybody can appreciate.

Better at programming and solving logical puzzles

When I had to choose a study program, I didn’t have a clear plan. So at the start I mainly checked out the more popular programs, such as Law and Business Administration. Subjects that were well inside my comfort zone. Then, after a long search with many visits to Open Days, my mother gave me a golden tip and said I should think about studying artificial intelligence. She had become interested in the subject after a long Christmas-dinner conversation with my cousin. She believed that artificial intelligence would suit me because of my inquisitive character.

The study sounded challenging and piqued my interest, so I decided to do it. I chose the University of Utrecht because the emphasis there is on cognitive psychology, which interested me at the time. In the end, I found that artificial intelligence actually interested me less than programming and solving logical puzzles. So I started focusing more on the computer science side of my study.

All my colleagues are willing to take that extra step

In the third year of my study I had to choose a special subject. At the time, I didn’t have a clear idea of what kind of job I could get after finishing my study. To help me arrive at a constructive choice, I decided to apply for an internship at a company. My cousin put me in touch with ValueBlue. My first interview was with Jordy. He enthusiastically told me about the company and the BlueDolphin product. He offered me an internship in the Support Department. No sooner said than done. For me, the internship was a really informative time when I was able to find out about the many facets of ValueBlue’s work. After the internship, I got the fantastic offer of a full-time job at ValueBlue. An offer I couldn’t refuse! Since last February, I’ve been working full-time at ValueBlue as a Junior Business Consultant!

I really love it here. The company has a great working environment. Thanks to the personalized approach at ValueBlue, I can develop and grow and I have all the space I need to do so. Plus the fact that I work with a really fun team. The age difference – which I was a bit worried about at the start – isn’t a problem at all. I get the feeling that everybody at ValueBlue is genuinely interested in their colleagues. This reinforces the team spirit, which in turn leads to better results. All my colleagues are willing to take that extra step to help the company grow.

When I first started using BlueDolphin, I was overwhelmed by all the functions it offers. In the short time I’ve been working at ValueBlue, I’ve discovered the enormous added value that BlueDolphin gives every organization that uses it. When you use BlueDolphin, the business processes and IT are coordinated with each other, which avoids all kinds of irritation in organizations. All in all, I think BlueDolphin is a really useful and a very dynamic product. Also because BlueDolphin is changing all the time thanks to the new functions that add something positive every time.