Meet Martien Noorloos

Whatever you’re doing, do it well!

My name is Martien Noorloos. I’m 29 years old and I’m married to Claudia (who works in the Back Office at ValueBlue). We have two boys, Thomas and Matthijs and a girl, Jasmijn, a new arrival. I’m still in full redecoration mode, because we moved house in early 2019. I really enjoy doing that kind of work. Sometimes I don’t have enough time, but I find it wonderfully relaxing to be busy with my hands. And it’s nice to use my brain in a different way.

A few years ago I was sitting on the couch with my wife and we were discussing work. We spoke about the job vacancies at ValueBlue and one of them was for a Business Process Consultant. Now, I was fine with my previous employer, but this vacancy aroused my interest and I immediately became enthusiastic. Claudia had of course already told me about ValueBlue and BlueDolphin and I found it really fascinating.

Information supply is an Achilles heel

I studied Engineering Management, so I’m really focused on questions such as: ‘How do you record things?’, ‘How do lines run in an organization?’ and ‘How do you arrange that?’. And information supply has always been an Achilles heel, even in the company where I was working at the time. The conversation with my wife was on Friday evening and I immediately decided I wanted to work at ValueBlue. On Saturday morning I updated my resume, mailed it to ValueBlue on Monday morning and on Tuesday evening I was on the phone with Jordy. A week later I signed my contract. Quite bizarre really.

I’ve been working here for two years now. So I’ve experienced the change from start-up to scale-up. The change of office alone already shows that we’re becoming a fully-fledged and major player. Added to that, the marketing team, for example, has grown from two to seven in the past two years. And we now have a Support department. When I first came here, the consultants did the 1st line support themselves, but now there’s a whole team.

If the bears turn out not to be there, it’s good news

My favorite food? I’ll try anything and I love to eat out. I prefer to eat dishes that have been prepared with care: well-presented, surprising flavors, I really appreciate that. Then the price no longer matters. If the service is good, care has been taken with the food and it’s tasty, I think it’s worth every penny. I like sports: cycling, jogging and football. Obviously I don’t do them all at the same time, and given my current schedule I also have a little less time for them now. In the past, fitness was also on my list. Long before that I used to play table tennis, but I wasn’t great at it. And when that happens I tend to lose interest.

For me, the glass is half empty. If it turns out to be fuller, then it’s a bonus. I’m not a pessimist, but I do see all the bears I might come across. But if they turn out not to be there, it’s good news. I first take stock of the risk, then I try to minimize it and only then do I get started. I think about things a lot. Whatever you’re doing, do it well. Whether I’m a father, a consultant, a home carpenter or a colleague, I always try to do it right.

Claudia and I got married five years ago when we were quite young. Marriage is an adventure beyond your control. You can know each other so well, but on a journey like this you’ll come across all kinds of things. Believe it or not, our first discussion was about whether the curtains should be open or closed during the day. What are we talking about, you’d think. But those types of conversations are an integral part of getting to know each other. Despite our age, I’m proud that we’re managing so well, with three children, a new house, both working hard. Yes, I’m proud of that!