Meet Jordy Dekker

For me, ValueBlue feels like coming home

My name is Jordy Dekker, I’m 42 years old and I’m responsible for the innovation of ValueBlue’s products and services. Like Wilko, I was born and raised in North Holland. Unlike Wilko, I left North Holland last year and I now live in Utrecht. I have two children, Milan (10) and Levi (7), and my girlfriend’s name is Maren (yes indeed, also one of the “Blues”…). I’ve started working for this amazing company 8 years ago, starting as an Enterprise Architect.

When I graduated from high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do. A friend of my brother’s was studying Commercial Economics so I decided to give that a try. But I soon found out this wasn’t it for me. There were no digital devices in those days, so instead of books I took my Monopoly to College and spent more time in the cafeteria than in the classroom. As you can imagine, my study didn’t last long. Meanwhile, I had started as the youngest clerk at the local insurance company’s non-life policy department of the (NH1816). My next-door neighbor was working there as an Operator on an AS400 and he told me they were looking for people. That sounded like fun to me and it signaled the start of my career in IT.

In the first few years, we were like pioneers

It turned out to be an excellent choice – I had finally found my vocation. At the same time, I started studying Business Information Science and later got a job at SNS REAAL (known as ’t Hoogehuys at the time). There they gave me a new role in the IT-department every 2 to 3 years and I had the opportunity to develop myself in different ways. After exactly twelve-and-a-half years in that job I decided it was time for a new challenge and that’s when I met Wilko. I still remember clearly that, during the job interview, he asked whether he should also ask my family to persuade me to come and work at ValueBlue. Based on that remark alone, I decided I wanted to help build the new ValueBlue company.

In my first few years at ValueBlue, we were like pioneers, and I learned how to juggle with time and “context-switch” between consultancy, managing the other consultants and developing BlueDolphin. As the company expanded, I was no longer able to combine those different jobs, so 2 years ago I began to focus exclusively on innovation and the realization of everything related to BlueDolphin. At ValueBlue, I was given the chance to come up with a solution for the problems I encountered as a designer, engineer and later as an architect when realizing solutions that had an impact on the different parts of an organization.

This total solution is unique in the market

In 2014, together with Dennis and other colleagues, I helped create what is now our fantastic product. We set up the entire concept from scratch together. I really believe in the concept, which involves using a central repository to connect and coordinate all the components of an organization and enables people to access the information from their individual perspectives. The total solution, where we use Enterprise Architecture as the basis and then develop it into Process Models, Data Models and Integration Architecture, is unique in the market and helps us stand out from all the other suppliers.

In 5 years’ time, we’ll be the global market leader in our segment. At least that’s my dream. But first we’ll have to get through this difficult corona pandemic together. As an Enterprise Architect, I wanted to help organizations to continually monitor where they are now and what they should do next. I still want to do that, but thanks to BlueDolphin I can now help multiple organizations at the same time instead of just one.

Every day, I work hard on my personal BlueDolphin quest

I also believe that BlueDolphin will become so intelligent that organizations will just need to answer a few questions to see where they stand, how their future should look and which roadmap will lead them to a successful future.

For me, ValueBlue is like coming home. My work and my personal life have become intertwined – the fact that my girlfriend works at ValueBlue too proofs enough 😊! ValueBlue doesn’t feel like work. Every day I look forward to continuing my personal quest, which is to align our product and our services as closely as possible with the needs of our customers. That gives me an enormous sense of satisfaction.