Meet Jasper van Enk

People build the company, so they also create the success.

I started at ValueBlue five years ago, when I was 24. That was my first job, fresh out of the University of Amsterdam. I first studied Artificial Intelligence. After that I obtained my master in Business Information Systems, more towards the business side. During my studies I lived in Amsterdam. After my graduation, I went back to Voorburg, a suburb of The Hague. I grew up there too. Now I live there with my girlfriend.

A recruiter approached me on LinkedIn. BlueDolphin had just been implemented for the first time when I started here. At the time, the office consisted of only two rooms. A lot has happened since then. We’ve now passed the start-up phase. In the past it was no problem to do something unstructured, now you cannot get away with it. To experience all the different phases our growing company goes through, to see how this company deals with this growth is thrilling. It was also one of the main reasons for me to work here; that potential and also their unique view of Architecture.

They just do it too, that is cool!

As this was my first job, I can only compare the way we work with what I see at our clients, but the contact between us here as colleagues is very warm, I think that’s  not always the case everywhere. The dynamics in our office also makes ValueBlue a great company to work for. Many people have joined, but the kindness and warmth has remained the same. Of course, with so many people you don’t know everyone personally, but the open culture and willingness to help each other stayed.

In five years? I think we’ll have taken very large international steps, in which we’ll be given the opportunity to spend even more time internally on improving our best practices in BlueDolphin. We probably also have good partners to aid us on consultancy. Because of our fast growth, we’ll need help with that, I think. Two years ago I knew the names of all our customers. That is no longer possible. I also think it’s nice to see that even our management is very open about the new challenges they’re facing and don’t know the answer to everything. They just do it too. I think that’s cool. This vulnerability also speaks for this company.

I blow two projects a year

Hobbies? Mostly playing music, for almost 20 years already. I play the clarinet in a woodwind ensemble. We play two projects a year. I used to play in a symphony orchestra. That’s why I find the tv program ‘Maestro’ on NPO1 hilarious. Its really good to see how such a show can familiarize larger audiences with classical music.

I love Indonesian food, traditional Indonesian rice table. Part of my roots lie in Indonesia as well. A few years back I was able to travel there. That was a very special experience. You still recognize some elements in your own family from a seemingly strange culture. When I’m not playing music, I like to run. Its really a mental game, you are constantly fighting against yourself, and it helps to clear your head after a day’s work. During my runs I’m always figuring out stuff for my current assignments. It also helps to look at your feelings and experience personal growth from there.

I am proud of this company, of the fact that we’ve been able to achieve this growth. This success is an achievement by everyone who works here. The company doesn’t make the success, it’s the people that make the company, so they also create the success. It makes me proud to work here. Also because of the growth that I’ve experienced as a person.