Meet Jelle Visser

My name is Jelle Visser and I live in Amsterdam. I started at ValueBlue early 2014, just before BlueDolphin was introduced to the market. ValueBlue suspected that it would grow and started a marketing department. That was the reason I was called in. In the beginning I was the only marketing guy, but because it wasn’t a full time job then, I also did sales “on the side”, visiting customers. ValueBlue has grown so enormously over the past five years that my job turned into CCONow I’m the head of a marketing & sales team containing 11 people.

I like hobbies…

In my spare time I also usually work, but in addition I like to play the guitar, I like soccer and go to many Ajax matches. I’ve had season tickets for almost ten years now and I often go with my father and a friend. When it comes to music: I play the guitar myself, so I like to listen to almost everything that contains a guitar. I used to prefer rock, but now I think everything is beautiful, a wide taste in music. I like Spanish and Brazilian music and I really appreciate some types of Hip Hop. What I like to eat? Rice with chicken. I often make this myself, with a self-made recipe, sauce with soy and ginger and so on. But I actually like any kind of rice with chicken. 

You sometimes forget that we are growing very fast

My motto? I do not have one. I am very good at not worrying and enjoying the things I do. If you ask my colleagues to say something about me, they’d probably say that I am trying hard to do good things, but they will also call me chaotic. I preferably don’t do something that I don’t like. I am very proud both privately and professionally of the growth that we are experiencing with ValueBlue. Sometimes you forget, but we really grow very fast. I can be proud of that, but the way we do it, the fun we have with it, that also makes me very proud. In addition, it is my father’s company, so that’s why it also makes it a privacy thingy.  

In advance I expected that I’d find it difficult to work with my father. I always said I’d never work for him, but it’s pretty easy. It has some major advantages: you can say everything to each other and you often have the same ideas. That’s a big plus. A disadvantage is that it’all about work, 24/7. When it comes to ValueBlue, it’s just work and when we talk about other things, that’s also no problem. It was amazingly easy to separate our business and private life.

Not because you have to, but…

The strength of ValueBlue is that we find it very important to deliver value to our customers and that we are fun to do business with. These are two of our core values. What we deliver must be fun, transparent and function properly so all parties are satisfied. What’s also important is that we have fun together internally. The customer also notices that. We have no hidden agenda, everything is fair, we arrange everything from our own sense of responsibility. We are involved and don’t do things because we have to, but because we want to. If there are problems, we do not wait for the customer to say something, but we solve it from our own responsibility because we want to deliver that high quality. 

The future? I hope we can sustain this growth. In the Netherlands the growth is enormous, but that market is reaching its limits. We are now working on opening an office in the US to conquer America with BlueDolphin and in the long term I hope we can roll out our product worldwide. 

I want to emphasize once again that I am incredibly proud of the growth that we are experiencing, but especially how we experience it and how fun this company has become. You start with a small group of people and now we have around 50 colleagues. The dynamics that it gives and how hard everyone is working to achieve the same goal, I think that’s super cool!