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Would you like to get acquainted with BlueDolphin, increase your insight on the use of BlueDolphin or start using new modules? To use our collaboration platform to its full capacity, to get the most value out of it and share this added value with everyone in your organization, ValueBlue offers several training courses.

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Architecture for non-architects

During this training you’ll learn which different architecture objects and relations are important within your organization. The training offers you a full introduction on architecture and how it can improve your organization.

Basic Business Process Management

The training Basic Business Process Management gives an introduction on the modeling of (business) processes. You’ll find out why process modeling is very important and how it helps you to improve your organization.

Basic button training

In the basic button training you’ll learn the basic functionalities within BlueDolphin. After this training you’ll know how to make views and how to establish relations between objects amongst others. In addition, the training contains an introduction on working under architecture.

Process modeling

In this training BlueDolphins’ Process Module is covered. After a short theoretical part on Process Modeling you’ll start working on modeling processes using BPMN, to familiarize yourself with it.

Admin training

In this training you will learn how you can optimally configure and maintain your BlueDolphin environment as an administrator.

Required: Basic button training or experience with BlueDolphin or working under architecture


After the Masterclass you’ll know how to identify architectural ‘stakeholders’ and process improvements and how to make sure to optimally serve their interests. You know how to make the most of the available collaboration functionalities of BlueDolphin. You also have the knowledge to realize the use of BlueDolphin permanently.

Required: Basic button training or experience with BlueDolphin or working under architecture

Custom training

A customized training, specifically based on the challenges your organization faces. This type of training can be given both online as on premise and can be ordered per half a day. Want to know more about our customized trainings? Contact Pim von Meijenfeldt.


Interested? Contact Pim von Meijenfeldt via +31 (6) 11 03 00 07, e-mail or by filling out the form below.