Enterprise Architecture

A holistic approach to managing strategy and organizational change

Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides insight into organizations’ business and IT components and how these are interconnected. BlueDolphin’s Enterprise Architecture solution allows organizations to digitally transform themselves. BlueDolphin provides insight into the IT landscape, guarantees control over digital business transformation and enables one to plan, monitor and implement changes. As a result, this allows you to steer the future of your organization.

BlueDolphin offers a wide-range of modeling techniques. This SaaS platform supports any kind of effective collaboration. Organizational changes require the pursuit of a common goal. The centrality, collaboration possibilities and reliability of BlueDolphin make every transformation a success.

Enterprise Architecture based on BlueDolphin

Direct Insight Into Current Situation

In practice, the Enterprise Architecture department spends a lot of time on gaining insight into the current situation. With Enterprise Architecture based on BlueDolphin, this situation is perfectly mapped, almost automatically.


BlueDolphin goes beyond the job of an Enterprise Architect. Management, architects, process owners and functional/technical managers work together within a single central repository, taking advantage of smart and user-friendly features. BlueDolphin allows each department to benefit from their own perspective.

Supports decision-making with Customizable Visualizations

Thanks to powerful visualizations and reports, various stakeholders gain access to useful and authentic information regarding relevant business data in the architecture.

Consistent Modelling in ArchiMate®

BlueDolphin is based on ArchiMate®, the globally supported language for Enterprise Architecture. Models can be presented in a variety of ways, but under the hood it is a consistent model within ArchiMate® 3.1.

Fast Modeling and Sharing

BlueDolphin’s user-friendliness allows fast and intuitive modeling. Models can be easily shared with the organization thanks to features such as publication, sharing and collaboration.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the United States and other countries.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

1. Insight into risks, blank spots and improvement potential;
2. Improved delivery of products and services;
3. Set priorities for change;
4. Structure and control during and after changes;
5. Promotes collaboration between all organizational units;

6. Products/services will more closely meet the wishes of the customer;
7. Processes become efficient;
8. Efficient and effective IT landscape;
9. Quickly and easily realize initiatives.

The Structure of Enterprise Architecture

ValueBlue helps decentralize Enterprise Architecture. Proper structure of BlueDolphin ensures all employees become involved in gaining insight into the current situation/architecture. All involved work in one central platform, and in a language that everyone can understand. As a result, all business units are connected and information is recorded first hand (rather than through interviews). This ‘automatic cohesion’ enables each individual knowledge area to further improve its own quality. Naturally, this allows knowledge workers to identify each other faster. Collaboration guarantees results.

The Power of ValueBlue

Whereas others take ‘architecture for architects’ as a starting point, ValueBlue focuses on the organization itself. We view Enterprise Architecture as the collaboration of multiple disciplines, in which responsibilities are decentralized on the one hand and centrally supervised on the other. ValueBlue has a ‘can-do’ and ‘think yes’ mentality. We have a pragmatic and solution-oriented approach. For example, we are both practically and strategically involved from vision to realization of the ideal Enterprise Architecture design. Our team is committed to pursuing the goals of your organization. Cooperation is paramount to us. Moreover, we transfer knowledge to the internal organization, so that assurance can also be achieved in the future.


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