An architectural approach built for agile transformation

Combine architectural insights and planning with operational agility for a digital landscape that enables your organization’s ongoing transformation.

BlueDolphin screen

From strategy to delivery with BlueDolphin

Speed up the transformation process
by sharing and integrating information from across the organization

Get the insight you need to make strategic decisions
use reporting and visualizations to align strategy with operations

Mitigate risk as your enterprise transforms
define impact scenarios and resolve weaknesses in your portfolios and plans

Digital transformation is here, and agility is no longer a choice. Organizations that are able to move with speed and flexibility will win the game.

For Enterprise Architects, harnessing data and implementing a flexible, agile IT landscape that not only supports continuous innovation but facilitates safety and security, is key for survival.

BlueDolphin enables Enterprise teams to:


  • Model and assess complete project designs—including processes, applications, data and infrastructure—all in one place
  • Support enterprise decision-making with contextual visualizations, reports and impact analysis based on clear current and future state mapping
  • Base decisions on high quality data by integrating information from every relevant source within the organization


  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders within one central repository
  • Achieve effective architectural and project and process governance using frameworks and workflows
  • Reduce risk with architectural blueprints and guidance


  • Gain control over process, application, data and infrastructure portfolios—eliminating overlap and decreasing complexity
  • Deliver transformation projects more effectively by recycling and sharing information and using out-of-the-box frameworks

Discover the pillars of Agile Business Transformation

Application Portfolio Management

Reduce the complexity of your application landscape and minimize overlaps by mapping application capability, functionality and attributes to process requirements.

Business Process Management

Map relationships between processes, applications and infrastructure so you can understand how processes impact on strategic objectives, and implement improvements.

Data Management

Achieve business continuity and accurate insights by creating, storing and using your data all in one place—simplifying the data landscape and optimizing its quality.

Project and Portfolio Architecture

Define scenarios and plans based on organizational objectives and identify the most efficient and effective way to deliver prioritized programs.