Roadmap BlueDolphin2020-03-31T14:38:51+02:00

The development of BlueDolphin…

BlueDolphin is constantly being improved, based on our findings and on your feedback. ValueBlue greatly values transparency. Therefore we’ve made a summary on the features we’ve developed and on which features will be released in the near future. Suggestions are much appreciated.

Major features in 2020

2020 Q1 - ArchiMate 3.1 Layering

As of this moment we support ArchiMate 3.1. The physical layer of ArchiMate 3.1 is added together with the corresponding object types and relations. View documentation

2020 Q2 - History objects and views

How did objects, their relationships, questionnaires and views in the repository evolve? What is created, updated or deleted (archived) and when, where and by whom? This feature gives you all historic information about objects and views.

2020 Q3 - Workflow Management


2020 Q4 - to be announced


Other features

Based upon your feedback, we additionally propose multiple other changes to improve BlueDolphin. Below you will find an overview of all the other features that will be released.

Q1 2020

ArchiMate 3.1 Export2020-03-02T14:21:02+02:00

This feature will allow for the full functionality to export Archimate 3.1 models following the AMEFF standard.

Edit/view mode2020-03-03T17:52:41+02:00

Released February 24th

This feature makes it easier to switch between a viewer and an editor mode in BlueDolphin. The edit mode is the same as our current mode, the view mode however makes it easier to present within BlueDolphin; editing and dragging objects is disabled in this mode, the buttons are hidden and it is possible to open a view by double clicking on the view object. When you are the owner of a view, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to publish the view in either edit or view mode.

Improvement of adding related objects to views (Spider tool)2020-03-31T15:41:51+02:00

Released March 25th

When using the spider tool to add related objects to a view, you use the spider tool. We improve the usability off this tool by adding functionality to directly select all related objects, select multiple types of objects at once, or to select single objects to add on the canvas. This will strongly diminish the amount of deletion actions needed to create the desired views.

Multi-select dropdown enhancements2020-05-25T11:06:13+02:00


We’ve made enhancements on multi-select dropdown based on your feedback, which will make this type of fields easier and quicker to use.

Q2 2020

ArchiMate 3.1 Import2020-05-25T11:05:58+02:00


This will allow for the full functionality to import Archimate 3.1 models following the AMEFF standard.

Conditional layout improvements2020-05-25T11:06:23+02:00

Released on May 28th

This feature came about on behalf of your feedback. You now have the option to set your own specific colors on attributes (questionnaire fields) and related objects in conditional views. For example: “YES” will always have the color green and “NO” will be red. This will optimize consistency and uniformity of conditions throughout the BlueDolphin platform and makes visualizations even easier to understand.

Connect views to objects2020-03-02T14:36:47+02:00

With this feature it’s no longer necessary to drag a view object on top of another object to navigate to the required view. This will allow for connecting one (or more) views to an object directly.

When in presentation mode, the user can double click on an object, which has a view related to it, and directly open the connected view. If more than one view is connected to the specified object, a context menu will appear that shows the connected views.

Notification bell2020-05-25T11:06:05+02:00


The notification bell will enable you to be notified on new features and how those new features can be used. This feature is not only convenient, but also a necessary release in order to be able to make future releases in Q2 and Q3, concerning chat and task management.