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Our customers make us strong

We’re extremely proud to contribute to the success of business operations and IT in municipalities, banks, government agencies, school communities, insurers, healthcare institutions, building cooperatives, energy suppliers and more. We help towards improving these organizations and vice versa; our customers continue to support us in improving BlueDolphin and our services.


Bouwmaat: an Enterprise Architecture journey with BlueDolphin

Bouwmaat: an Enterprise Architecture journey with BlueDolphin Organizations have to deal with an increasing complexity in information supply. This results, among other things, in poor flexibility and decisiveness. Bouwmaat, a national chain of [...]


Servicepunt 71

Servicepunt71 was looking for efficient insight into its application and IT environment. The executive organization of Servicepunt71 and the four municipalities had to be brought together. BlueDolphin made the IT environments of the municipalities functional as well as financially and technically comprehensible. Insights are now accurate as well as interpreted and used throughout the organization.