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Is it hard to keep your current state accurate? Does your management have trouble understanding your architecture views? Curious how you can integrate Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Data Modeling in one central repository? Discover how BlueDolphin deals with these topics in our free 20-minute guided tour.

What’s in the 20-minute tour?

Pick your time slot for a personal tour to get a 20 minute guided tour of BlueDolphin. Get a first impression of the functionalities, user experience and how BlueDolphin distinguishes itself from other platforms.

  • Easy to use UI and UX
    See how the same information can be visualized in ways that not only your architects, but everyone within the organization will understand.
  • Collaboration
    See how your entire organization can contribute to keep your current state up-to-date.
  • Integration
    Discover which existing data you can use to start filling your repository.
  • Multi-layered
    Experience how your technology, data, applications and processes can all be connected to your company goals and mission.