Financial Institutions and BlueDolphin

The processes of financial institutions are highly dependent on IT and data. The growing digitization increases this dependence every day. You also have to deal with various departments, often spread over large areas. Insight in your Business Processes, IT & Data in a central repository improves your time-to-market and gives you the opportunity to execute your strategies faster and more effectively.

The collaboration platform BlueDolphin gives you one central overview, combining Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Data Modeling, connecting with your existing sources, so you can always make the right decisions, tackle potential risks and execute your strategy better and faster.

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Application Portfolio Management

An overview of all the applications that you have and need. Get rid of hundreds of unnecessary licenses and save a lot of money.

Business Process Management

How are your processes interconnected and with what other processes are they linked and influenced by?


Where is your sensitive data coming from and where is it going to? Know exactly where your information is and how it can be accessed.

(AGILE) Enterprise Architecture

Create insight in your business and IT components and how these are interconnected. BlueDolphin’s Enterprise Architecture solution allows you to digitally transform yourselves.

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Before the end of 2021, financial institutions are imposed to comply to 374 new laws and regulations according to JWG, a renowned specialist on financial regulations. This needs to be deployed in a structural manor, while keeping the ability to rapidly and continuously change. That’s the only way to stay ahead on the competition. The collaboration platform BlueDolphin is the tool to do so!

Luke and Mart will answer any of your questions about BlueDolphin.

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We are proud to say we have experience in the financial market. Take a look at our clients who preceded you. Why did they need BlueDolphin, what could we do to help and what did it deliver them?