Webinar BlueDolphin

Webinar: An Introduction to BlueDolphin

BlueDolphin is the Live Architecture Collaboration Platform for Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management and Data Modeling.

Collaboration and up-to-date insight into the relationship and relationships between business and IT is essential. After all: processes, applications, data and infrastructure are inextricably linked.

Information based on yesterday’s insight is by definition outdated. Digital transformation requires insight into the live architecture actuality of today in order to be able to implement the changes of tomorrow quickly and predictably.

BlueDolphin empowers your organization to seamlessly collaborate in multiple languages that are fully integrated:

  • Enterprise Architecture based on ArchiMate
  • Business Process modelling based on BPMN
  • Data Modeling to understand the cardinality on how data flows through the processes and how it is being used by the application landscape
  • Free shapes for free format modeling
  • All comes together in one full integrated repository

If you see room for improvement in insights on how your business processes, IT and data are interrelated, you can join our webinar on the 28th of October.


Oct 28 2019


11:00 am Eastern Time / 16.00 GMT
17:00 - 18:00