Webinar: Why you should make Data the driver between Strategy, Architecture & Execution

Thu 01 Dec, 2022
15:00-16:00 CET (09:00-10:00 EST)

How do you create a truly data-driven strategy and achieve agile solution delivery? Creating an enhanced business model canvas and using that canvas to view key levers that enable successful business transformation and drive true business value allows you to do so. This webinar is designed to help you remodel your transformation strategy into something truly data-driven.

In this webinar, Jelle Visser and Tom de Ridder will show you:

  • The level of impact transformation initiatives have
  • how to prioritize your transformation portfolio more effectively, based on value drivers, vision, and strategy
  • How to drive more effective collaboration with other parts of the organization
  • The key levers needed to deliver value, create velocity and reduce risk.


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Jelle Visser

CCO, ValueBlue

CCO of ValueBlue, with a strong belief in the power of architecture to make organizations agile and entrepreneurial — that’s Jelle. With his prior experience co-founding multiple start-ups and a background in entrepreneurship, Jelle has been shaping the commercial teams of ValueBlue to create and deliver the BlueDolphin proposition to the market in a customer-oriented and value-driven way.

Tom de Ridder

BlueDolphin Evangelist, ValueBlue

As a founding member of ValueBlue and BlueDolphin Evangelist, Tom is responsible for providing customers, prospects and partners with great ideas and insights that help them use BlueDolphin to the fullest.


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