Webinar Rethinking Enterprise Architecture: The Summer Edition – Digital transformation for leaders: Does it really have to be so scary?

Thu 11 Aug, 2022
18:00-19:00 CEST (12:00-13:00 EDT)

Do you have difficulty explaining the value of digital transformation in your organizationIs mobilizing your teams to cooperate on digital transformation initiatives breaking you out in a sweat? Are you losing sleep trying to wrestle IT projects back in line with strategic objectives?

Then join us, August 11th, for this online fireside chat. Here to banish your transformation woes, we will have a conversation with Jason Bloomberg, founder and president of Digital Transformation analyst firm Intellyx. We come together to discuss practical ways to simplify the complexity of digital transformation and enable your team(s) to actually make an impact.

With questions like…

  • How can IT leaders set their teams up for transformation success?
  • Is collaboration really the name of the game?
  • Can IT and ‘the business’ ever effectively co-exist? Is there even a difference between them in the age of digitalization?

… the discussion is sure to hit home for organizations looking for a ‘better way’ to accelerate transformation. Where we also share some tangible takeaways to take back to your teams. Don’t miss out — because high temperatures should be the only thing keeping you awake this summer.


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