Webinar: Mapping an IT Architecture that supports Digital Transformation, with Xerius Group (Europe)

Mon 28 Jun, 2021
15:00-15:45 CEST (09:00-09:45 EDT)

Belgian services organization Xerius Group are in the midst of a paradigm shift that no Enterprise Architect is a stranger to — digital transformation and the creation of an IT organization that promotes innovation.

In this customer spotlight special, Xerius Group Lead IT Director Johannes van Tongelen and Technology Officer Steven Cluyts will share first-hand some of the secrets of their journey to a more agile and flexible IT environment.

Join us for a close-up view of the complex challenges Xerius Group face as an organization offering multiple services to multiple audiences — and most importantly, the solutions they are putting in place to deliver the agility and flexibility that drives real business value.

Plus, you’ll hear from ValueBlue Chief Technology Officer Jordy Dekker, who’ll be sharing our vision on Agile Business Transformation and what this means for forward-thinking IT leaders and architects to empower their business to maximize customer value.

We’ll discuss:

  • The transformation challenge at Xerius Group
  • First steps to innovation, with the help of BlueDolphin
  • Key learnings and the start of success
  • Why organizations need to push towards agility — and why ValueBlue is committed to helping them achieve it

Whether you’re facing a lack of oversight or governance, with an IT architecture that’s too complex to manage effectively, or looking to operationalize innovation projects and initiatives, you won’t want to miss this in-depth discussion.

About Xerius Group

Xerius Group is a service organization offering administrative guidance and the appropriate insurance and social security required by enterpreneurs, self-employed individuals and accountants in Belgium, as well as facilitating child benefits for entitled families within the Flanders region. Xerius Group consists of 4 dynamic organizations under one roof: Xerius Ondernemingsloket, Xerius Sociaal Verzekeringsfonds, Xerius Onderlinge Verzekeringsvereniging and MyFamily.

With 393 employees across 12 offices, the Xerius Group is a complex organization with multiple service offerings for different audiences, both B2B and B2C, as well as the Belgian and Regional governments.

About ValueBlue

ValueBlue is the company behind SaaS platform BlueDolphin: the Enterprise Architecture tool for the agile age. The intuitive and easy-to-use transformation solution enables Enterprise Architects across the globe to strategize, shape and manage organizational innovation and achieve Agile Business Transformation.

Combining core use cases including Application Portfolio Management, Business Process Management, Data Management and Project & Portfolio Architecture, BlueDolphin helps 150+ customers including Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Wakefern Food Corporation, ShopRite, Randstad, Monster, the Erasmus University, A.S. Watson, Boskalis and NIBC plan, collaborate and manage their enterprise transformation based on real data insight and business impact.

Founded in the Netherlands in 2011, ValueBlue has seen rapid expansion within Europe with the BlueDolphin platform and now has presence in North America (New York) and APAC (Hong Kong).


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Johannes van Tongelen

ICT-Manager, Xerius

Experienced Information Technology Director with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics, trading, distribution and supply chain industry. Supporting companies in their strategic plans to growing their business and revenue by implementing customer services minded IT organization while acting as a business partner.

Jordy Dekker

Chief Evangelist, ValueBlue

As founding father of BlueDolphin and Chief Evangelist of ValueBlue, Jordy is responsible for our ongoing innovation. He has more than 20 years of experience in Enterprise Architecture and is a true visionary. Prior to this job, Jordy was a Director of Enterprise Architecture at ValueBlue and Chief Enterprise Architecture Officer at two financial institutions.

Paolo Mariolu

Senior Sales Manager, ValueBlue

Paolo Mariolu is one of ValueBlue’s leading Enterprise Architecture advisors, guiding clients to unlock value and efficiency with BlueDolphin software. With 15 years of experience in value-based selling, Paolo has previously worked for several large US based software firms including Quest Software, EMC, Flexera, Broadcomm, Ivanti and inSided.

Steven Cluyts

Technology Officer, Xerius

Experienced Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the civil & social organization industry. Skilled in building various types of systems with the customer point of view in mind.


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