Webinar: Data Management across the Customer Journey: A Practical Guide (North America)

Wed 21 Jul, 2021
20:00-20:45 CEST (14:00-14:45 EDT)

Kickstart your Data Management efforts with this practical guide to effectively managing the data used throughout a customer journey.

In this webinar, Data Management expert and ValueBlue team member Daisy Schuchmann will guide you through the key process steps of effectively managing the data that is captured or used across a customer journey – so you can mitigate risk and improve data quality and lineage.

Daisy will be sharing insight into which elements of Data Management will afford you the fastest and most impactful results, as well as guiding you through the process of establishing your data privacy and security requirements. We’ll take a look at how BlueDolphin combines your metadata with your customer journey model to help you identify gaps and risks. Finally we will also take a look at some of the other key benefits you can expect from implementing some core Data Management principles.

We’ll be showing you a practical customer journey example, giving guidance on the type of architectural requirements and guidelines you might identify for your data, as well as helping you with some of the meta data characteristics that will be most helpful to capture.

In short:

  • Understand the core elements for effective Data Management
  • Walk through a real customer journey example and the steps you should take to effectively manage all of its related data
  • See how you can best analyze and improve data quality and lineage and protect your organization from data privacy and security risks


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Daisy Schuchmann
Sales Executive, ValueBlue

Data Management expert Daisy supports ValueBlue customers with using BlueDolphin more effectively, collaborating with them to identify the added value our platform can deliver. Daisy has rich experience with information and data management as well as the BlueDolphin platform, and uses her knowledge to help organizations achieve maximum results.


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