Prioritize projects effectively to achieve business transformation goals

Manage your portfolio of transformation projects and prioritize in line with strategic business objectives with Project & Portfolio Architecture.

Deliver business value faster
Align your project portfolio with organizational goals and strategy

Increase efficiency
Centralize project information from project owners and tools

Reduce risk
Cross-reference project design with existing blueprints and baselines

Projects are the vehicle for change

Transformation is managed and executed via projects.

When planning, you need to select the right portfolio of projects, and understand which contribute most to your business goals. You want to predict the impact of these projects on your digital landscape, so you can spot risks and mitigate them. 

When executing, you need to make sure that projects stay within their architectural boundaries, and be ready to act if they cross these boundaries. 

BlueDolphin Colloborative Enterprise Architecture software

Project architecture that drives transformation

BlueDolphin’s Project & Portfolio Architecture solution provides a central overview of current and proposed projects, so you can identify the most efficient approach to deliver your strategic programs. Guide your project teams with structured workflows and centralize project information. Monitor progress as the whole organization collaborates on project prioritization and execution. 

Make better business decisions with BlueDolphin

Assess projects based on business impact and build your transformation roadmap

  • Centralize project information from project owners and project management tools
  • Assess feasibility and minimize risk 
  • Prioritize projects based on their business value and contribution to strategic goals
Project portfolio management BlueDolphin view

Reduce project risks using ‘just enough’ architecture

  • Provide guidance with baselines and blueprints 
  • Model current and future state project designs by recycling existing information
  • Enable agile teams to work within boundaries — no intervention, no slow-down 
  • Manage only exceptions — not everything

Monitor your transformation progress

  • Get up-to-date insights on project progression in line with critical business goals
  • Integrate with project management tools like Jira 
  • Adjust when needed with an agile architecture framework

Project portfolio management monitoring BlueDolphin

Project & Portfolio Architecture: Bridging strategy and operationalization

Project & Portfolio Architecture (PPA) is the bridge between your strategy and operationalization. A Project Portfolio Manager that manages a portfolio of projects runs into multiple challenges: How do you know what decisions to make to most effectively execute the organizational strategy? How do you stay in control of running the daily business? Find out how Project & Portfolio Architecture solves these challenges.

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