Understand your data to accelerate digital transformation

Understand where and how data is used, assure protection and compliance and optimize data quality — this is Data Management on one unified platform.

Reduce data risks
Understand how, where & why data is used, and ensure compliance with rules & regulations

Speed up innovation
Simplify your data landscape by eliminating inaccurate or duplicate data

Improve data quality
Optimize the data journey with lineage to realize a higher quality of data

Manage complex data landscapes more easily

Data structures in organizations today are increasingly complex. Organic organizational growth, combined with factors like acquisitions, partnerships and an increase in external vendors spawn a growing number of data sources that become increasingly difficult to manage. 

Add to this any points of weakness in the data lineage — manual process steps, for example, bring with them a high risk of error and often damage the integrity of your data — and you are soon faced with a data landscape that is out of control and impossible to understand. 

Data management

A single source of truth for your data

A fragmented data landscape like this not only creates organizational risks and slows you down operationally — it also hinders your capability to innovate. Only by understanding where your data resides, when it is used, and where it travels can Enterprises become truly agile. 

BlueDolphin helps you to realize a single source of data truth — so you can reduce data complexity, align it with your actual processes and eliminate duplication. 

If you recognize any of these scenarios…

  • “Our customer data is not stored where we actually need it!”
  • “I can’t say for sure if we are actually GDPR-compliant…”
  • “It takes far too long to gather the data we need for a simple dashboard or report.”
  • “We have ambitions to move into AI or Machine Learning, but I don’t know where all our data is, or if it’s accurate enough to work with.”

… It’s time to work on your approach to Data Management. 

Data-driven transformation with BlueDolphin

A truly complete overview of your data landscape

  • Use ERD to create canonical, logical & physical data models
  • Classify data objects and create logical data dictionaries
  • Visualize relationships between data, processes and applications
  • Capture extensive meta-data for deeper data insights

Achieve high quality, lean data that you can trust

  • Optimize and streamline the data journey — identify lineage weaknesses that may impact quality
  • Embed data systems that allow your organization to continually improve data quality and deflect mistakes
  • Classify your data efficiently and safeguard compliance with data regulations like GDPR, ISO 27701 & CCPA

Strengthen your data with context and meaning

  • Understand how and why data is used across your organization’s processes
  • Link data objects to your application landscape and understand dependencies
  • Understand the impact of data on crucial organizational processes
BlueDolphin enterprise architecture

Hand-out: BlueDolphin Data Module

BlueDolphin’s flexible and easy-to-configure Data Module is intended for every employee who has an interest in understanding your organization’s data and how it’s used by processes and applications.

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