Integrated Business Process Management

Accurately define business processes, their contribution to strategic objectives and their relationships with your applications and data for more agile, integrated Business Process Management.

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Increase organizational effectiveness
by building better processes

Reduce risk and ensure compliance
with clear documentation and governance

Innovate faster
 using accurate and complete process insights

How mature is your Business Process Management?

All organizations have processes, and most also face the following challenges: 

  • Can our processes be easily identified, modified and audited? 
  • Do we have up-to-date descriptions of them?
  • How do our processes interrelate and support our overall capabilities?
  • Which processes are key, and which pose a threat to the organization? 

A holistic overview for integrated business process management

 To achieve agility and ensure quality management, organizations need to define and document business processes and understand how these contribute to organizational goals and strategy — as well as their relationships with data and applications across the business.

With BlueDolphinorganizations can easily build process hierarchies and model how processes enable different business functions — so you can optimize them for more speed, higher efficiency and less risk. BlueDolphin’s unique integration functionality brings data sources together, linking your business processes to related systems, applications, data and infrastructure for a holistic overview.

Powerful process oversight and management with BlueDolphin

Gain clarity with process structure and organization

  • Break down high level processes into detailed process descriptions 
  • Understand how processes interrelate and enable core business capabilities 
  • Structure process hierarchies to identify priorities and address weak links
BlueDolphin BPM Process

Build and translate process flows from BPMN to ArchiMate® and beyond

  • Create and maintain business processes in BPMN 2.0
  • Integrate process views with data to create consistency, safeguard compliance and ensure accuracy
  • Link processes to capabilities for clear insights that help drive your transformation efforts

Optimize processes with clear, visualized relationship modeling

  • Plot processes on evaluation frameworks and assess them based on quality
  • Link processes to strategic objectives and business capabilities as well as applications, data and infrastructure 
  • Use enhanced insights to implement process improvements and optimizations
BlueDolphin enterprise architecture

About BlueDolphin

BlueDolphin is the Enterprise SaaS Tool for Agile Business Transformation.  Deliver more effective and efficient transformation projects with the collaboration platform for Enterprise landscapes.

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