Gain control over your application landscape

Identify the applications that support your business functions — eliminate overlap and decrease complexity with Application Portfolio Management.

Data management

Reduce cost
Identify and minimize overlapping functionality

Increase flexibility
Decrease the complexity of your application landscape

Improve quality
Phase out legacy applications and create better functional and technical fit

Don’t be slowed down by legacy IT

Complex application landscapes build up over years. New initiatives, mergers and acquisitions result in multiple applications with the same or overlapping functions.

As a result, organizations face not only increased costs, but more importantly, a complex application landscape that slows down their ability to innovate.

Streamline your applications for agility

With BlueDolphin, organizations can build a clear overview of their current applications, and understand which business processes and capabilities are supported by each of these.

BlueDolphin makes it simple to understand which applications are functionally redundant, so you can remove overlap, reduce costs and rationalize your IT portfolio for continued organizational agility.

Elevate your Application Portfolio Management with BlueDolphin

Get the right input to create a complete overview of your application landscape

  • Import existing application data from other technology sources, like ITSM and SAM
  • Capture under-the-radar applications being used across the enterprise via quick, customizable process questionnaires for business actors outside of BlueDolphin
  • Reuse and recycle up-to-date application attributes from the wider organization

Bring it all together by linking applications to business processes and capabilities

  • See processes and their related applications in the same view
  • Assess organizational capabilities based on the application landscape 
  • Perform impact analysis to understand which processes are affected by application removal or replacement — and how

Support enterprise decision-making with a visualized application portfolio

  • Pinpoint overlap, identify redundant applications and rationalize your portfolio
  • Take charge of application lifecycles, from license renewals to end-of-life technology
  • Rationalize the IT landscape to reduce complexity and maintain a lightweight, agile enterprise
BlueDolphin Application portfolio management overview
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Whitepaper: 3 Steps to Effective Application Portfolio Management

When it comes to gaining insight into your application environment and rationalizing IT, a clear overview of your current landscape is vital.

Download our Whitepaper to discover how you can work towards effective Application Portfolio management in three steps.

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