Accelerate digital innovation and transform the way your organization operates

Bring data and business insights together to accelerate digital transformation.

From strategy to market-ready with BlueDolphin

Speed up the transformation process
with agile and efficient capabilities

Make more effective, strategic decisions
using accurate reporting, robust visualizations & impact analyses

Mitigate risk as your enterprise transforms
by enabling flexible and efficient new initiatives

BlueDolphin enables you and your teams to answer questions like:

How do I align IT initiatives, systems and architecture with business goals, digital transformation and innovation?

Where are opportunities for improvement in our organization?

What do we need to change in order to reach our business goals?

How can we assess the impact of projects and initiatives before we make mistakes?

Is our IT landscape healthy and lean, or bloated and full of security risks?

Is our IT and data landscape supporting our business in the most effective way?

Do our people have the tools they need to be as effective as possible?

How can I effectively balance innovation and day-to-day operations?


Make more confident decisions with accurate data from across the business. Identify the opportunities for improvement and optimizations, and focus on aligning projects and initiatives with business goals.


See progress, insights and impact with up-to-the-minute reporting and crystal clear visualizations. Get impact analyses at the click of the button.


Generate innovation at scale, realize ROI and drive efficient digital transformation efforts across your organization.

Digital transformation is no longer a choice. But it’s those stepping into transformation efforts with full force that will win the game.

Harnessing data and implementing a flexible, agile infrastructure that not only supports continuous innovation but facilitates safety and security, is key for survival.

Discover the pillars of Agile Business Transformation

Application Portfolio Management

Reduce the complexity of your application landscape and minimize overlaps by mapping application capability, functionality and attributes to process requirements.

Business Process Management

Map relationships between processes, applications and infrastructure so you can understand how processes impact on strategic objectives, and implement improvements.

Data Management

Achieve business continuity and accurate insights by creating, storing and using your data all in one place—simplifying the data landscape and optimizing its quality.

Project and Portfolio Architecture

Define scenarios and plans based on organizational objectives and identify the most efficient and effective way to deliver prioritized programs.