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Why Digital Transformation Fails

The 4 pitfalls of digital transformation Did you ever have to terminate a (transformation) project half-way through? Or did an initiative fail to deliver…


Collaborative Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture at its most fundamental level involves alignment between business and IT. In this eBook, we explore some of the reasons this alignment is so difficult to achieve and examine what Collaborative Enterprise Architecture actually looks like.


eBook When digital transformation hurts: Turning complexity into an agile organization

In this eBook, we explore the challenges posed by digital transformation and why these make enterprise agility so important, before defining 3 critical success factors for agile business transformation. 


eBook Agile working and the new role of Enterprise Architecture

This e-book explains what needs to change, how it needs to change and who. It guides you into the world of Agile Architecture and tells you why this is necessary, what benefits it brings, how it influences your organization, and whom it involves.