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Customer Success Story: Randstad

Randstad, also known by its subsidiary and other brands Tempo Team, Expectra, and Yacht, is world leader in providing HR services, staffing, and…


Customer Success Story: Xerius

Belgian services organization Xerius Group shares how BlueDolphin is helping them on their journey to a more agile and flexible IT environment in this Success Story.


Customer Success Story: Kramp

Kramp uses BlueDolphin to achieve results with APM and BPM as they navigate their business transformation journey.

ANWB infographic BlueDolphin


Infographic ANWB

ANWB, the Royal Dutch Touring Club, has been using BlueDolphin since mid-2018 to map out its process and IT landscapes.


Infographic Municipality of Ede

In 2017, the Municipality of Ede started using BlueDolphin to gain a better insight in its Enterprise Architecture and data.


Infographic Alfa Accountants & Advisors

Alfa Accountants and Advisors is a large accountancy firm with more than 1,000 employees. It is a national organization, with 34 branches operating locally throughout the Netherlands.


Infographic RNHB

RNHB has been an independent lender since 2017. RNHB finances homes, shops, offices and other business premises – and combinations of such – intended for rental or resale.


Infographic Bouwmaat

Organizations have to deal with an increasing complexity in information supply. This results, among other things, in poor flexibility and decisiveness.