Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) provides insight into organizations’ business and IT components and how these are interconnected. ValueBlue’s Enterprise Architecture solution BlueDolphin allows organizations to digitally transform themselves. BlueDolphin provides insight into the IT landscape, guarantees control over digital business transformation and enables one to plan, monitor and implement changes. As a result, this allows you to steer the future of your organization.

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Business model canvas
23 Jun 2021, 09:41
With a Business Model Canvas (BMC), you can describe at a strategic level how organization and customer come together and what is needed for...
The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools
1 Dec 2020, 01:35

Once a year, market research firm Gartner releases a research report on market leading tools in the Enterprise Architecture space.

What is a business capability
15 Feb 2021, 15:58

TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) describes a Business capability as: “An ability that an organization, person, or system possesses. Capabilities are typically expressed in general and high-level terms and typically require a combination of organization, people, processes, and technology to achieve. For example, marketing, customer contact, or outbound telemarketing.”. 

What is a business objective?
18 Mar 2021, 09:11

A business objective is something a company wants to achieve in either the short or long term. To achieve this business objective, a strategy is needed. Setting objectives helps you to measure the progress of achieving larger goals.

What is Business Architecture?
15 Sep 2020, 11:27

Within the world of Architecture, there is no common definition of what the term encompasses within Enterprise architecture. The term is used in different ways and often comes up around IT Architecture.

What is Solution Architecture ?
21 Sep 2020, 03:42

Solution Architecture is the process of developing solutions based on predefined processes, guidelines and best practices.

What is the Zachman framework?
5 Oct 2020, 01:51

The basic framework however provides a simple and straight forward classification scheme for any architecture and is often used for describing enterprises, due to its simplicity.

What is TOGAF?
4 Dec 2020, 11:53

The framework is a method for developing and managing enterprise architecture. It provides a step by step approach for the creation and implementation of architecture, each step consists of a number of smaller steps.