Application Portfolio Management

Application Portfolio Management assesses, rationalizes and optimizes an organization’s entire application portfolio. Instead of spending time and money on running and maintaining redundant applications, the number of redundant applications and related costs are minimized.

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Application Portfolio Management Framework
28 Dec 2020, 11:32

With an Application Portfolio Management framework, you can provide insight into the application landscape of your organization.

What is Application Performance Monitoring?
19 Apr 2021, 08:29

Application Performance Monitoring is derived from the acronym APM. This abbreviation can be used for both Application Performance Monitoring and Application Portfolio Management. The term Application Performance Monitoring refers to the steering and controlling the performance of current applications, software and websites.

What is Application Portfolio Management (APM)
28 May 2020, 03:17

Application Portfolio Management(APM) is a framework for the management of business IT software applications and software-based services.