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Make it easier for all types of users to complete their tasks.

New: View previews

Preview of a View connected to an Object or Free Shape When viewing or editing a View, you can now see a preview of...

New login flow

Users have a much simpler and more robust login experience. Deeplinks also work when you’re not logged in yet. The base URL will change, but legacy URLs will keep working.

New top menu

The two current menu bars are merged into one, with an updated look & feel. You can configure the background color of the top menu bar to match your organizations style.

‘Save as’ for official processes

Good news for re-using official processes more efficiently! It is now possible to duplicate an official view from the Process Publication portal for your own use by simply clicking "Save as". After Saving as you can choose to start working directly in your duplicated view or stay in the Process Publication portal.

Sort on any column in the open view dialog

It is now possible to add sorting within the open view dialog. The open view dialog is, by default, sorted by 'Last edited', but can also be sorted by Type, Owner or Name.