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The new IT landscape of real estate investor RNHB

RNHB has been an independent lender since 2017. RNHB finances homes, shops, offices and other business premises – and combinations of such – intended for rental or resale. The legacy environment at the time was ready for a large-scale renewal. Bas Verhoeven, Program Manager at RNHB talks about the transition and the reason for choosing BlueDolphin.

It was only in the heads

“When I came here we knew we had a major IT challenge. We had to move from a legacy environment to a new environment. Online sales also needed to be able to take place there. We had to build a whole new IT landscape: from the old situation with everything on premise, to a cloud-based environment. The business processes have been worked out, including how they are supported at the process step level by IT resources.

During this renovation, ‘the store remained open’ and we grew from 30 to around 130 employees. Then a good, usable tool for recording systems and processes and collaboration is necessary. BlueDolphin from ValueBlue is such a tool.”

Separating the sense and the nonsense

“We invited three parties at the time, including ValueBlue. ValueBlue was the party with the desired flexibility to keep insight and overview in all IT processes, work instructions, but also across the different domains. BlueDolphin was the only package that offered all the options that we needed.”

“We wanted an end architecture, an end state. BlueDolphin made it possible to create a clear design for the legacy structure of the systems, the processes and the coherence between them. In addition, the conversation with Jelle (Visser) and with the ValueBlue consultant Casper was very pleasant. We have a lot to do with the work of people here and Casper had the ability to understand IT architecturally and to filter the sense and the nonsense apart.”

Now we see everything

“We have implemented BlueDolphin not only in the change domain, but also in the operation. Employees can now look into BlueDolphin to see how the processes work. After we have delivered the design and recording of the processes from within the program, process management is also organized in-line.”

“Whenever we need it, we have the right overviews of our processes and systems. Insight and overview is what BlueDolphin has given us. It is now clear how all processes, systems and applications work and work with us. That insight is worth a fortune.”