Which steps has Bouwmaat taken towards maturity in the field of architecture?

“In the first place, a whole lot of knowledge has now become accessible. Processes are recorded company-wide. The process house in BlueDolphin is the framework with which the collaboration between business and IT is supported. Through the development clusters, employees can see which applications are related to a specific topic and who the managers involved are. The clusters have become a household name within the organization and they ensure that knowledge and resources are bundled. Every cluster has an application manager and information manager, the applications within a cluster all have a product owner from the business. In this way the business is involved in changes and the further development of applications and the challenge of continuous change is met.”

And what did it deliver below the line?

“Our profit lies mainly in a more integrated view and approach to IT (change) and good knowledge exchange and recording. This provides insights that we had not previously encountered, so now we are better prepared and problems can be prevented. Another advantage is that model-based, standardized recording of knowledge is becoming more and more normal. Where previously diagrams and viewpoints were valued less, they are increasingly commonplace or even expected. For me, that is a profit and a sign of increased professionalization and maturity of the Bouwmaat organization.”