ValueBlue has the tool and DDG has the demand at the municipalities – the perfect partnership!

Dutch Delta Group and ValueBlue plan to work together to help Dutch municipalities to manage certain basic information and in that way control themes such as data management, tenders and BIO & AVG. Daisy Schuchmann, Data Management Manager and Consultant at DDG, tells us how this partnership came about and what it involves.

I’ve been working at DDG for six years. With my Dutch Delta Data Management team I work for lots of different municipalities, sometimes supported by the System Technology team. A few years ago, I started looking for a platform on which I could record data in a structured way and display the correlation between applications. We manage a huge number of applications in which data is transferred from application A to application B. The data is often unclear so it’s difficult to use it for management purposes. We wanted to start recording the data landscape in a structured way – for example, in a tool or in Access. But we’re not software developers and we couldn’t find what we needed on the market, so we continued to register the data separately in systems up to eighteen months ago.

That worked, but it took a lot of time

Then the municipality of Almelo told me about BlueDolphin, so I decided to contact ValueBlue directly to find out more. In our conversations, I discovered that BlueDolphin is exactly what I need at the municipalities alongside our services for application and data management. In the past, many municipalities asked me whether we could create an application view in PowerPoint. My answer was Yes, but that view will be obsolete tomorrow so it’s really a waste of time and energy. You’d be better off investing in a product like BlueDolphin. Which is why, eighteen months ago, we and ValueBlue decided to come up with a proposition to help municipalities.

We first followed a number of training courses – such as ‘button training courses’ – to find out exactly how BlueDolphin works and what you can do with it. Several of us, including myself, were awarded ArchiMate certification. We then called along to a number of municipalities to see how BlueDolphin was implemented there. We visit lots of municipalities and we can see that they could really benefit from a product like this to gain a clear understanding of their architecture and raise it to a higher level.

We help them with their problem areas

Smaller municipalities (with a population of 50,000 or less) sometimes feel they’re not ready to use a product like BlueDolphin and introduce it into the organization. With BlueDolphin, DGG wants to help municipalities by recycling themes so that every municipality – large, medium and small – can start getting its basis in good working order in a structured way. We help the municipality get started, but we also make sure that they have the practical ability to carry on when we’re gone. This gave rise to the proposition to work with the themes of Data Management, Tenders and BIO & AVG. The municipality then pays a reduced fee for the collaborative platform and we start working with them by focusing on one theme.

The municipalities can choose their most urgent theme and decide where they most need help at that moment. This way, we help them with their problem areas and they don’t exceed their budgets. And meanwhile the whole organization sees what you can achieve with the platform and we can show them how important it is. That’s how the proposition came about and now we’re going to launch it.

Data management

Municipalities are really busy with data management. They’re currently recording huge amounts of data in Excel, for example. So they’re already managing their data, but with this method they have to start all over again every year; that’s very inefficient. On management level, however, municipalities are often busy with common ground and data-driven working practices. We can help translate this to the right actions up to application manager level.


Added to that, the smaller municipalities must of course comply with the same legislation and requirements as the larger municipalities. Except that this is sometimes much more difficult in practice. Every municipality has created a number of new roles, such as a Data Protection Officer (FG) and a CISO. For slightly smaller municipalities, these roles are often distributed over several municipalities. When a theme such as AVG has been configured properly, it’s easy to roll it out for multiple municipalities.


As far as tender processes are concerned, we often play an advisory role when the client is choosing the applications to be purchased. We’ve noticed that when there’s a lack of insight into an application landscape, it’s difficult to define the right requirements and make the right choices. This can result in extra, unpredictable costs. That’s why we believe this is an important theme to start with.

Around 40 municipalities have now become aware of the value of BlueDolphin. We’re currently very busy with demos for a number of other municipalities and have jointly launched a campaign. I believe we can really help these municipalities with the power of BlueDolphin and the blend of their experience and ours, combined with our network at 200 municipalities and the knowledge and experience of the applications and the chains!

Want to know more?

We would like to tell you more about how DDG can help your municipality with BlueDolphin to start getting the basis in good working order in a structured way.