The Ultimate Guide to Application Portfolio Management

What will you find in the new Ultimate Guide to APM?

This new Ultimate Guide considers the organizational motives behind Application Portfolio Management in today’s fast-evolving world, and explains why ‘traditional’ approaches to APM are no longer enough.


  • Get acquainted with ValueBlue’s new Application Portfolio Management solution, our unique enablers and the challenges they solve.
  • See our APM Maturity Model 2.0, and discover why and how the integration of applications with business capabilities, business processes, data and technology delivers a more effective architectural ecosystem.
  • Finally, using The Manual, walk through our step-by-step approach to building APM maturity and acting on the insights you’ll gain from the new solution.

Whichever APM solution you work with, the Ultimate Guide to APM is a must-read for anyone in the business of portfolio management and designing enterprise architecture for future-proof organizations. We’re here to enable every organization to create a more effective future and optimize its current state — so enjoy the read!

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