BlueDolphin Product Roadmap

We continuously work hard to improve BlueDolphin based on our findings and your feedback. Here you’ll find an overview of key upcoming features and functionality that we plan to deliver during the current and upcoming quarter. Do you have a suggestion or feature request? Let us know on the BlueDolphin Community.

The Roadmap page is a safe harbor. Roadmap is best effort planning, while the planning can change. Planned features can be postponed or even dropped entirely, at any moment. Customers and prospects should not base decisions on roadmap.


Dive into the themes that our features support.


Project, plan, create scenarios for future architectures, based on existing architecture.


Entice more users to participate in Enterprise Architecture more.


Categorize content into workspaces (business units etc) for easy navigation.


Make it easier for all types of users to complete their tasks.


Make it easier to fit in BlueDolphin with your enterprise ecosystem (public API).

Features current quarter

New top menu

The two current menu bars are merged into one, with an updated look & feel. You can configure the background color of the top menu bar to match your organizations style.

New: View previews

Preview of a View connected to an Object or Free Shape When viewing or editing a View, you can now see a preview of...

Download Official Processes in multiple file formats

It is now possible to download Official Processes from the Process Portal as an either a portable image file (PNG), scalable image file (SVG),...

In development
Yet to start

Upcoming quarter

Take a look at the features that are currently on our product roadmap for the upcoming quarter:

Automatic User Provisioning

For customers using their own IDP, administrators no longer have to manually sign up users, send invitation emails and assign roles.

Public REST API for export/import

You can develop data integrations based on REST API, no longer requiring the Windows-based datacollector client.

API key management

The Administrator can manage (view, create, delete) public API keys in the UI.

Business Units

You can organize your content (objects and views) per department. Users choose their Business Unit in the top menu, the object and view browser only show content from the chosen business unit.

New login flow

Users have a much simpler and more robust login experience. Deeplinks also work when you’re not logged in yet. The base URL will change, but legacy URLs will keep working.