Transformation, transformed. This is BlueDolphin.

BlueDolphin is the Enterprise SaaS tool that helps CIOs and Enterprise Architects to plan business transformation, collaborate on its execution and manage every process — based on real data insights.

BlueDolphin Colloborative Enterprise Architecture software

The SaaS platform that brings business, IT and data together

Collaborative knowledge sharing

Where multiple stakeholders with multiple use cases share one platform

The most efficient path to innovation

Model your projects, applications, systems and data all in one place

Deliver Agile Business Transformation

Elevate your processes, applications, data, and architecture

An architectural approach built for agile transformation

Imagine if you could plan, collaborate on and manage your enterprise transformation based on accurate data insights and real business impact.

With BlueDolphin, you can.

BlueDolphin brings together the processes, data, applications and infrastructure that are so inextricably linked throughout your organization, so you can effectively guide the digital transformation process with more agility than ever before.

Plan. Collaborate. Manage.

BlueDolphin enterprise architecture

One central repository

Ever felt frustrated by inaccurate data or formats you can’t work with? So have we. That’s why we built one central, shared repository that speaks the language of every user. BlueDolphin integrates all modeling languages for you, so difficult collaboration between architecture and process management is a thing of the past.

Easy to use and familiar

BlueDolphin’s familiar interface and logical user experience makes it easy for every stakeholder to use —  ensuring your internal collaborators employ the tool consistently and that shared data that is always accurate and up-to-date. Plus, with BlueDolphin questionnaires, gathering data from external users is a breeze.

BlueDolphin BPM Process
BlueDolphin Application portfolio management overview

Powerful visualizations and reports

With BlueDolphin, you benefit from the fully integrated views, robust insights and complete context that is so often missing from other architecture tools. Dynamic visualizations enable you to more accurately assess your current state, perform impact analyses and make better informed decisions for your organization and its transformation process.

Where does the data come from?

BlueDolphin’s central repository is fueled from a variety of sources:

  • Import your existing application data from other technology sources, like ITSM and SAM
  • Easily collaborate with non-architects on a platform that speaks their language as well as yours (ArchiMate®, BPMN and data modeling)
  • Use BlueDolphin’s quick, customizable questionnaires to gather data from external stakeholders across the organization — no need for them to enter the tool
  • Reuse and recycle data from existing use cases and models

Agile Business Transformation

BlueDolphin enables CIOs and Enterprise Architects to plan and manage their business transformation, combining architectural insights with operational agility in a new approach: Agile Business Transformation.

Discover what BlueDolphin can do for you

Application Portfolio Management

Reduce the complexity of your application landscape and minimize overlaps by mapping application capability, functionality and attributes to process requirements.

Business Process Management

Map relationships between processes, applications and infrastructure so you can understand how processes impact on strategic objectives, and implement improvements.

Data Management

Achieve business continuity and accurate insights by creating, storing and using your data all in one place—simplifying the data landscape and optimizing its quality.

Project and Portfolio Architecture

Define scenarios and plans based on organizational objectives and identify the most efficient and effective way to deliver prioritized programs.