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Everyone his share

As of November this year, everyone at ValueBlue is not only an employee, but also a co-owner of the organization. The idea to hand out shares to employees originated earlier this year and this month it has become a reality. So where did this idea come from and why does ValueBlue think it’s important? Wilko Visser, CEO of ValueBlue, explains:

“At ValueBlue, we have ambitious goals that we are trying to achieve together. If, in the future, this leads to us realizing a certain value — for example through an IPO or takeover — then I believe it’s important that everyone who worked so hard to accomplish it can benefit.

We looked at the possibilities within our Management Team and agreed that the reward should be based on the amount of years an employee has worked for ValueBlue. For every year of service, employees will  receive an amount of options on certificates, derivatives of shares, in ValueBlue — regardless of their job title. These options remain valid for as long as the employee remains in employment. If the aforementioned reasons (for example, an IPO or a takeover) leads to a concrete valuation, those options can be converted into real certificates, at the value applicable at that moment. This could be a multiple of the amount given per year. For employees who have been at ValueBlue for several years, the value could be really quite significant.

We announced this news during our last (online) employee meeting, and went live with the plan in November. We’ve had a fantastic reaction to the new initiative.

We did this because we truly appreciate the commitment of every employee, and it’s clear from the reactions and feedback we’ve received that that underlying message has really come across..  Everybody is in it together. A lot is said and written about responsibility and ownership these days. Everyone at ValueBlue already felt that ownership, but to have gone from feeling it to making it official feels great.”

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