ValueBlue recognized in Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant

Gartner, the world’s largest research and advisory agency on IT, has named ValueBlue in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools. Doing so, they named BlueDolphin as one of the sixteen acknowledged Enterprise Architecture tools worldwide. “This is something to be very proud of” says Jelle Visser, COO of ValueBlue, the company that created BlueDolphin.

Not just an EA tool

We believe one of the main reasons why ValueBlue was included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant was because we’re not just an EA tool vendor. In our view, it’s a strategic collaboration platform that allows companies to visualize all of their business processes, IT and data in one repository and lets them collaborate. This gives organizations powerful insight to execute their strategy faster, more efficiently and more successfully.

The fact that BlueDolphin’s focus is not on being an Enterprise Architecture tool, but on creating unique value by being a collaboration tool for combining Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management, Data Management and many other area’s of work in one platform, makes it extra special that BlueDolphin is selected as the best in one of these specific areas.

Understandable for each stakeholder

“Gartner has recognized our completeness of vision and ability to execute. In our view, we enable a centralized approach to planning, monitoring and change in a way that each stakeholder can understand from his or her perspective. The transparency of our pricing model is also experienced as a great plus.”

One of the inclusion criteria to get in the Enterprise Architecture Magic Quadrant is to have a 2018 EA Tool licensing revenue of $7.5 million or more per year. “We believe we’ve seen rapid growth and impressive customer reviews – a double impressive performance to be proud of.