ValueBlue and BlueDolphin in the Blue Ocean!

Giving your company a name is sometimes taken lightly. In several cases it even happens after everything else has been arranged. But the company name is the first thing your customers see and hear. They will immediately start associating with that name , so it’s extremely important. ValueBlue did not choose this name and BlueDolphin randomly because we just liked it, there is a clear thought behind it, which we’ll gladly explain.

Innovative, added value

“Our company name is based on the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’, a strategy whose essence is to create new markets; blue oceans. This methodology assumes that you have to look at how you can achieve the real and underlying objectives and motives of customers in the simplest and most effective way possible. ‘Value’ therefore stands for added value and ‘Blue’ for innovative, says Wilko Visser, founder and CEO of ValueBlue.

“The BlueDolphin collaboration platform is connected to ValueBlue through the ‘Blue’ in its name. The core of the Blue Ocean Strategy is value innovation, with two leading components: renewal of the service so that value is created, and cost reduction takes place through the disposal of existing aspects that prove unnecessary. What a coincidence: that’s exactly what BlueDolphin does and what we stand for.”

Dolphins are the ultimate, very smart collaborators

“Competitors have developed (complex and separate) tools for EA, BPM and Data Modeling, aimed at the specialists. We have a smart and effective collaboration platform in those three areas for everyone in the organization who is involved in improving business operations and how it is supported by IT resources and data. So we choose a completely different scope of users and usage. And it may be clear that the effectiveness improves if you actively involve not only the thinkers, but also the doers in your product.”

“The ‘Dolphin’ aspect relates to communication, smart and cuddly. Dolphins are the ultimate collaborators, they are very smart and also very attractive in terms of behavior and form. I would not know how to better associate our idea then with BlueDolphin. The nice thing is that the name itself also easily sticks with people.”

Around the world with BlueDolphin

“Whether new product names are being added? I think that in the coming years we’ll be busy enough conquering the world with BlueDolphin. However, additional modules will be developed within BlueDolphin, with which we will broaden the scope of BlueDolphin and thus continue to increase the value for customers.”