Our story

ValueBlue means “create value through innovation”. The name originates from the Blue Ocean strategy. According to the book, innovation in an existing field needs to be so groundbreaking that it generates a completely new field: a ‘Blue Ocean’. In a Blue Ocean, the rules of the game still need to be created and every day is a leap of faith.

January 2011
ValueBlue founded!

ValueBlue is founded by Wilko Visser as a consultancy agency. The mission was, and still is, to help organizations improve their business by giving them insight into their processes, architecture and data, so that they provide truthful and current insights that speed up decision-making and time-to-market.

February 2014
BlueDolphin born

The tools for Enterprise Architecture in 2013 lack a realistic overview. ValueBlue decides the world needs a platform to provide insight in business processes, IT and data, and their correlation. A team of developers start building the BlueDolphin collaboration platform.

August 2014
BlueDolphin released

BlueDolphin dives into the world. It is officially implemented at MN, Municipality Haarlemmermeer and the Rijksmuseum. The birth of the first collaboration platform that links business processes, IT and data is a fact.

May 2016
Product company

ValueBlue makes the transition from a consultancy company to a product company.

March 2018
50 customers!

The limit of 50 organizations using BlueDolphin has been broken.

May 2019
Newion investment

ValueBlue received an investment from Newion to increase development and marketing capacity and expand internationally with a strong focus on the US.

August 2019
Office in New York

The steps towards the United States have been made. The investigation for the best way to open an office in New York has started. The first customers overseas are being convinced and join the BlueDolphin family.

October 2019
Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner named ValueBlue in their Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools. Doing so, they named BlueDolphin as one of the sixteen acknowledged Enterprise Architecture tools worldwide, which is an impressive compliment, since we’re not just an EA tool.

October 2019
100 customers!

The magic number of 100 organizations using BlueDolphin is a fact!

Since it was established in 2011, ValueBlue has provided consultancy in the fields of integration, architecture and the technical implementations of many applications and products. During these creative processes, as consultants for these organizations it was always very difficult to collect all the information required for a project. Important information about business operations, processes, applications, data and infrastructure did indeed exist, but it was scattered throughout the organization in different departments and in tools such as Visio, Excel, documents, CMDBs and other complex architecture and process management tools. Moreover, the information was also often obsolete. This resulted in long preparatory processes with multiple interviews that focused purely on collecting information for one project. And when the project was finished, all that information was discarded because it was static and could only be used once.

In this age of digital transformation, aspects such as customer experience, globalization, working remotely and easy-to-configure applications can help organizations become more flexible and adaptive. However, this requires the parties concerned to cooperate seamlessly on the basis of timely and accurate information. In 2014, we introduced BlueDolphin to remedy the lack of coherence caused by complex, specialist tools for specific target groups. BlueDolphin is a collaborative platform that coordinates all the information about business, IT and data for all the parties concerned. It enables your organization to manage the relationships and dependencies between your business strategy, projects and initiatives. 

As a company, we stand for responsibility, the creation of customer value, inventiveness and empowerment. We want to innovate – not just as colleagues but also as your company’s partners. We do this by working hard with a smile on our faces, by pro-actively dealing with everything that crosses our path, by continuously innovating and by giving each other greater freedom and trusting each other. This is how we make it possible for ourselves and for your organization to improve every day! 

Our team

Working at ValueBlue means fun, hard work with a pro-active attitude. Want to be part of our journey? Visit our vacancies website below!