Wilko Visser



We can become world champions!

I’m Wilko Visser, founder of ValueBlue, married to Janneke for 35 years, with two children, Sanne and Jelle. I originally come from North Holland and have unfortunately ended up back there with stopovers in The Hague and Utrecht. Because let’s face it, who wants to live in North Holland?! No, I’m joking, I love it there. But it does involve a lot of driving.

A group of people achieving something together is much more fun

I’ve always worked for IT companies. The first was a company in Rotterdam. Then a large international corporation, Digital Equipment in Utrecht. Then software house Q&R (Quality and Results), where I worked as the commercial director. After six years there, I decided to set up my own company so I founded VAI (Vision on Automation and Infrastructure). I sold VAI to Austrian company Brainforce in 2005, but I continued working there for another three years. Then I decided it was time to do something different. Atos asked me to come and work for them. They offered me a fantastic challenge in a very big organization. After three great years there, I again decided to set up my own company.  

And that’s how ValueBlue came about in January 2011. Why did I do it? I think it’s exciting to achieve something special with a group of people. It was at Atos that I first came in contact with Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management. I was convinced that the focus during the digital transformation of the future would be on the combination of these work areas. I knew that to improve your business operations it would be important to know what you have, where you want to go and how the various components are related to each other.

We could be more diverse

I think we now have a product that has the potential to become the market leader. But we’re not there yet. Imagine you’re born with a great talent. It doesn’t automatically mean you’ll become a world champion. We can be world champions, but everything needs to perfect before we can deliver that world-class performance. We all need to perform to our best individually – but also as team – to make the impossible possible. I know we can do it. And the reward for all that hard work is a fantastic and challenging working environment, with amazing international possibilities.  

I see areas in which our organization can improve. First and foremost, we could make the male/female ratio in our company more balanced. The consultants are predominantly male. The same applies to marketing and the management team. Maybe I need to replace myself with a woman… And as far as being international is concerned, I think we need to attract more English speakers. For this type of international growth, we must also take that international step ourselves and start speaking English at the office. I know that’s difficult, but we need to do it to get the right mindset.

I like to eat everything

My favorite food? That’s the wrong question, because I like almost everything. Italian, Dutch, beetroot, endive, I like almost every kind of food. If I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be pot roast. Or the Thai food that we sometimes eat together here. Yes, that’s great too. And Japanese food. So to answer your question about what I like most, I’d say: variety! 

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved with each other with ValueBlue and I hope to be even more proud in three/four years’ time. What’s it like working with my son? It’s fantastic. I’m proud of Jelle. He’s doing a great job. You can be straight with him. Like me, he stays cool under pressure. Jelle has a strong personality, which can be a bit irritating at times. He’s like his mother… 😉