Wesley Liefhebber

UX Designer


A product or a website is never really finished!

My name is Wesley Liefhebber. I’m 25 years old and I live in Alphen aan den Rijn. I work at ValueBlue as a UX designer. I like making decisions that influence the experiences of users on a particular platform, website or (mobile) application. At ValueBlue, I mainly work on designing and programming the company website and on the graphic design of brochures, white papers and infographics. Enough food for thought for interactions and designs that meet the needs of our users.

Other than that, I really enjoy watching sports on TV. I hardly ever miss a Formula 1 race or an Ajax game. I also enjoy meeting friends, gaming with friends on PlayStation and being creative with programs such as Photoshop. Oh, and I’m also very competitive during the daily table-tennis sessions with my colleagues. 😉

It’s great that I can help the company grow

After secondary school, I decided to study for a Bachelor’s in Information Science at the University of Utrecht. During my study, I learned to build bridges between the wishes of companies and the possibilities of IT applications. It was there that I came in contact with the business side of IT, data science and User Experience. I became especially interested in User Experience, so I decided to study UX design in more depth by taking a Master’s in Information Studies, with Human Centered Multimedia as my main subject, at the University of Amsterdam.

After working for a year at mediacontent.nu, I started at ValueBlue in October 2019. It’s really great to see the other side of my study in action at ValueBlue even though my focus is on UX design. It’s a fantastic time to get involved in the subject. We’re growing really quickly and we’re going all over the world with our product. It’s great that I can help the company grow.

There’s always room for improvement!

There’s a great team spirit at ValueBlue. I work with a fun group of colleagues and I’m given a huge amount of freedom in my job. The lines are short and there’s always room for new ideas. The atmosphere at ValueBlue is informal, and in a scale-up environment there are lots of opportunities to challenge and develop yourself.

BlueDolphin is an amazing product that organizations can use to digitally transform themselves. Our customers are really positive about the value that BlueDolphin brings to their organizations, which I think is very important. I’m proud of the way we keep improving our product to make it more user-friendly, although we can do even more. A product or a website is never really finished and there’s always something that can be improved.

Where I think ValueBlue will be in five years’ time? I’m mainly curious about how BlueDolphin will look then in terms of its functionality and user-friendliness. I think we have a unique product that offers many more possibilities. I believe that in five years’ time it will be even easier for our customers to work with BlueDolphin, so the value of BlueDolphin will only increase in every organization. Who knows, maybe BlueDolphin will have become the global standard by then?