Shyamly Sharma

QA Engineer


Think of success and you will prevail!

I am Shyamly Sharma, entered my 30s this December, living in Den Haag with my legally wedded husband, Subodh. Originally, I’m from India and was born in a tranquil and serene town namely Narsinghgarh which is a valley surrounded by mountains full of trees & green bushes, also known as Mini Kashmir of Madhya Pradesh State. I’m a big-time Yoga practitioner and a kind of person who always loves to indulge in any kind of activity or sports. My name has a beautiful meaning which is “Evening” (dusky). Additionally, It relates to “Radha”a popular female deity in India worshipped as the goddess of love and devotion. (Maybe it’s the impact of my name why I so love it 😉)

“To reach somewhere, it’s very important to start off first from your comfort zone.”

Talking about my career, I pursued Bachelor of Engineering degree in IT. Correspondingly, I worked for tech giants like Tata Consultancy Services and Capgemini in India for more than 7 years. Initially my husband had received a contract to work in Holland, so he came here first. I was a fulltime working professional with an IT firm in India and settled there, having our own cosy home and family and everything. Hence it took me a while to think about next steps regarding moving to my husband temporarily or permanently. After all the thoughts and internal mind-battles, I decided to quit my job and after finishing all the necessary formalities, I flew down to the Netherlands.  

Also, I’ve always had the desire to work out of India and was anyway looking for opportunities to move abroad however provisionally. So as they say “To reach somewhere, it’s very important to start off first from your comfort zone.” Therefore, where there is a willthere is a way 😊. I made up my mind and came down to Holland. Obviously, it was a bold step as I did not have a job in my hand and I was then in a country which is absolutely different from mine in terms of people, culture, language, food habits (I’m a purely vegetarian person) , weather conditions and basically everything.


I started job hunting here. Most of the companies preferred a native dutch speaker candidate. But I did not give up and continued my search and applied to various companies including ValueBlue. This company became my choicebecause it was really responsive during the whole interview process as compared to other firms where I applied. Fortunately, there was no restriction of language and after all the rounds got cleared, they did not keep me hanging. I received the call from our recruiter within 2-3 days informing me about my selection and joining. I exactly remember, it was Friday and as soon as he gave me that news, I gladly exclaimed “You made my day and my weekend with this awesome news dude, yoohoo! and we laughed. That’s how I ended up joining ValueBlue as a Quality Assurance Engineer In the devops team and truly happy to be here till date. 

No ticking clock over our heads

ValueBlue, in my opinion, is pioneering, bold and agile firm that is courageously taking on challenges, using deep customer insight to develop this innovative solution “BlueDolphin”. It is a great firm, full of wonderful colleagues/friends that makes the work environment fun and stress-free. Everyone has got the opportunities and freedom to express their own views and to pursue their own choicesI also feel that the workfromhome facilities with no ticking clock over our heads makes people happier, more passionate and accountable about their work and the company. In short, ValueBlue trusts its employees which is a compliment in itself. At the end, it’s all results that matters the most, which is great. 

The product BlueDolphin, as I said earlier is really unique and innovative solution that aids our customers largely with the solutions to collaborate Enterprise ArchitectureBusiness Process Management and Data Management. I believe in the coming 5 years, we will scale up to the large international customer base company and become market leader. 

Your mind is powerful

My favorite meal? That is definitely Dal Bafla (authentic Indian dish typical for my state). I like it because it is undoubtedly tasty.. I can even eat it when I’m already stuffed. This question reminds me of my motto: Never forget your roots”, because one’s roots defines his/her personality. 

I also live by the idea that if you believe its possible, it will happen. It happened to me many timeswhen I wanted something in my life to a great degree, I have achieved it. I can be proud of myself because I have broken so many stereotypes by stepping out of my comfort zone. There’s also a saying Mind is everything, what you think, you’ll become.” We underestimate ourselves. Human beings are not aware of how powerful their minds are. If you think of failure, you will fail, think of success and you’ll prevail. You are your only limit!