Rafael Bakker

Implementation Specialist


Send me to Hong Kong, the East or West Coast, bring it on!

Hello, my name is Rafael, I am 25 years old, and I work at ValueBlue as an Implementation Specialist. I studied at the University of Utrecht, and received my Bachelor in Information Science. After that I worked with a start-up that was specialized in managing databases. There, I’ve further developed myself with skills and knowledge about data management, process optimization and GDPR-compliancy.

After a couple of years, I felt I wanted something new to further develop myself, and so I joined Young Capital, specifically for their Information Analyst traineeship. They’ve helped me expand my education through different bootcamps and courses. Via Young Capital I met with a number of companies, among which ValueBlue. And that felt like a great fit from the start.

Why did you want to work at ValueBlue?

My background is pretty much centered around building bridges between IT & business. I noticed in my first contact with ValueBlue that our product, BlueDolphin, is also designed for that purpose. As I’ve been told from the first time I had contact with ValueBlue, and since then those words have proven true, is that you get a lot of responsibility, and also a lot of diversity in your tasks. Also, I want to feel like I give extra value to both ValueBlue as well as our customers. Due to the way BlueDolphin has been developed, as an easy to use platform, I’ve been able to do that pretty much right away. That gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

Besides that, in that first conversation I had, I spoke with Jordy (Dekker), and we hit it off right away. The social aspect of my work is very important to me, and that first positive impression has definitely extended. Everyone is approachable, due to the “flat” organizational structure. You do not have 5 layers of management above you, and everyone is prepared to help, if you need it. I really appreciate that mentality and social aspect within ValueBlue. In fact, I even socialize with colleagues outside of work.

What are you going to do in the upcoming 6 months?

Like I said, because of the way BlueDolphin is developed, I can directly start helping our clients. Sometimes together with one of the other consultants, but I’ll be able to do these trajectories on my own very soon. Independence, in this way, is really one of my most important short-term goals. That’s also the kind of confidence and trust that is placed in you here. And I know I’ll always receive help if necessary.

What do you want to accomplish at ValueBlue?

More than one thing haha. My primary goal is to further develop myself, and Enterprise Architecture as a discipline, is growing exponentially. For me the experience I gain here, and which I develop in practice every day, is something I can build my future on. I also want to help the clients with whom I work now and with whom I have really good contact with, to gain even more value out of BlueDolphin.

As a company we’re also expanding internationally, with clients in a.o. Europe, Asia and North America, and it would be really cool to help clients in those places. Send me to Hong Kong, the East or West Coast, bring it on!