Maren Vos

Chief Operating Officer


I’m Maren Vos, living in Utrecht, in Ondiepclose to the office, about five minutes by bike. I was born in Amsterdam, but raised in Utrecht. I like to eat Indonesian food, and Indonesian spicy, not the Dutch spicy. What my colleagues would say about me? That is a dangerous question. But they’d probably say that I can be quite stubborn, that I like socializing, but without losing focus on working hard. As a manager I think it is important that colleagues have a lot of freedom and I also expect them to take a lot of responsibility for our results.

“I don’t have any Spicegirl posters in my room”

I don’t like just one music style. I really like a lot of different styles. This year, for example, I went to a number of techno festivals, to North Sea Jazz, a classical concert, Thunderdome, a Latin party, I really don’t care. I even went to a Punk/Reggae party. I think almost everything is beautiful. I also don’t really have one band that I like to listen to. I usually listen to Acid jazz or Triphop during my work. Oh wait, Spicegirls, that was my favorite band when I was a kid. I also went there last year. But it is not that I listen to it every day, I no longer have posters of them hanging in my room… 

I studied in Amsterdam. For a while it was business administration, but I felt this wasn’t it, so I switched to communication sciences. At that time I thought I belonged in marketing and I spent some time at Colgate in the marketing department. Then I went to the Rabobank, at the technical support department, where I worked on setting up a new support component for online payment systems, among other things. Here I drew the conclusion: “working at a bank is not really something for me”.  

So I started working at the Eindhoven University of Technology at the faculty of industrial engineering. I did a PhD study there and at the same time I worked as a researcher for the EU on a research project in five countries, which was great fun. My research was about what different strategies companies have to develop high-tech solutions and what the effects are on creating customer value, innovation and business results. I also taught and supervised graduation theses.  

“We have adjusted and improved a lot in the past year”

The fact that I have completed my PhD and that I have continued the process is something I’m personally the most proud of. It was a complicated process, in which I halfway through sometimes forgot why I started this and also thought about quitting. I can also be proud of the fact that  after getting my PhD I decided to do something completely different.

After this I wanted to work as a data scientist and started asking questions. ValueBlue appeared to have a vacancy for that position. I no longer do that anymore, but I really enjoy working at ValueBlue. I became a team lead with the Development team and I am now responsible for the Development & Operations department regarding BlueDolphin with a team of more than 18 people. Last year all of us adjusted and improved a lot of which Im also proud of. 

“They have a nice sense of humor here”

What makes working here so much fun? The atmosphere especially. I really love the huge no-nonsense atmosphere. The people here have a nice sense of humor. You can make jokes at each other ánd at your supervisor. It’s also important that when you are good at something, you get the opportunity to develop yourself on this. It is a very non-hierarchical organization where you can really show what you’re made of. Looking at competences and trusting results, being given the opportunity to be entrepreneurial, I really like that. 
I hope that in three years we will have a large international customer portfolio and that we have made the transition from scale-up to a professional organization, but that we will retain the ValueBlue mentality and humor.