Kim van Rooijen

Support Representative


Even the greatest was once a beginner…

My name is Kim, I’m 28 and I live in the cosy city of Utrecht. I’m a die-hard Friends fanatic and I think I’ve seen every season more than 15 times. Best series ever! My favorite character? If I really have to choose: Chandler. As for my favorite food; The Joey Special (two pizzas). Pizza is life. Both a real Italian and a New York Pizza: heaven. A red wine in my hand, Friends on and my evening is complete. 

I don’t have one, but two special people in my life, my parents. Of course it’s impossible to choose between them. Our band is special, a real trinity. I’ve marked this with a small tattoo on my wrist, a triangle. Not a day goes by without me talking to my parents. I’d also like to give a shout-out to everyone who contributes to KiKa. I’ve been ill myself and I know better than anyone how important it is to raise money for new research.  

Don’t be put off

A motto? I’m in doubt about two: Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wiselyI like this positive angle on life. Or Even the greatest was once a beginner. Don’t be afraid to take that first stepLiving your dreams can be intimidating at times. But everyone starts at the beginning so you shouldn’t be put off. 

I studied communication and also completed a training to become a personal trainer. Currently I am training for BGN weight consultant. In addition to my work in the gym, I worked full time at fonQ in the customer service department. In addition to customer contact, I was responsible for training new employees and writing work manuals.

I was approached on LinkedIn for the position of support community specialist at ValueBlue. After reading the vacancy I was immediately enthusiastic about helping clients and writing knowledge articles and setting up a community. Making every customer a fan of the product, that’s my goal. 

It feels incredibly familiar

Working at ValueBlue is a relief. I personally like working independently. The thought that someone is constantly behind me telling me what to do, when to do it and in what way upsets me. Despite the independence and freedom, it is a close-knit team where everyone is willing to help you. I haven’t been working here for very long, but it already feels very familiar.

What I think of BlueDolphin? I like the idea of collaborating with the entire organization. Everyone is involved to optimally process knowledge throughout the organization. You need everyone, because everyone is valuable in that process. Those are things that I support and that is why I believe in BlueDolphin.

I think in five years we will be a lot bigger than we are now, not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. We’ll then be market leader in this segment. And of course I’ll have no problem training my support colleagues all over the world on location 😉